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@pilhuhn pilhuhn released this Dec 18, 2017 · 142 commits to master since this release

Changes in 1.1 releative to 1.0 are

  • Improved TCK
  • org.eclipse.microprofile.metrics.MetricRegistry.register(String name, Metric, Metadata) is deprecated.
    Use org.eclipse.microprofile.metrics.MetricRegistry.register(Metadata, Metric) instead, where Metadata
    already has a field for the name.
  • Global tags are now supplied via the means of MicroProfile Config (the env variable is still valid).
  • Annotations and Metadata can now have a flag reusable that indicates that the metric name can be registered more than once. Default is false as in Metrics 1.0.

To get started with MicroProfile Metrics 1.1, add the following dependency to your pom:

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