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MicroProfile Rest Client Spec PDF
MicroProfile Rest Client Spec HTML
MicroProfile Rest Client Spec Javadocs

To add to you Maven pom.xml file:


Key features:

  • Generate headers en masse, including propagation of headers from inbound JAX-RS requests.
  • New @ClientHeaderParam API for defining HTTP headers without modifying the client interface method signature.
  • New section documenting the integration of MP Rest Client with other MP technologies - including CDI interceptors and Fault Tolerance.
  • Clarification on built-in JSON-B/JSON-P entity providers.
  • Declare the base URI directly from the @RegisterRestClient annotation with the new baseUri property.
  • Portable control of connection and read timeouts using new connectTimeout and readTimeout methods on RestClientBuilder and corresponding MP Config properties.
  • Client filters can obtain the Rest Client interface method being invoked via a new property in the ClientRequestContext.
  • New SPI interface, RestClientListener interface for intercepting new client instances.
  • New removeContext method in AsyncInvocationInterceptor interface for clearing contexts from the async thread.
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