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Workflow to make your first Pull Request

  • If it’s the first time you are going to work on a repository: Fork into your github account.

  • Download (you can use the Github UI option Open With Github Desktop) your new fork into your computer.

  • In your local repository, create a branch for the contribution, example:

    git checkout -b microProfilePatch
  • Set your upstream to your origin:

    git push --set-upstream origin microProfilePatch
  • Add, edit or perform the changes required in your contribution.

  • Stage your new files:

    git add .
  • Assuming your GitHub username is: CONTRIBUTOR and the email address used for your Eclipse account is:, the following is the line you can use to commit and sign your contribution. Before you do so, verify that you have configured Git with the correct email using git config --get

    git commit -m "Added my contribution" -s

If your Eclipse account was configure using a different email address than the one you normally use in your local git configuration, you have a couple of options to modify your email in your contribution:

  1. You can configure the specific email address in your .git/config for a specific repository. From within the repository execute:

    git config ""
  2. Or, Amend the commit with the specific email address:

    git commit --amend --author="CONTRIBUTOR <>"
  • Push your changes to your remote repository

    git push
  • Navigating to Github web UI, create the Pull request.

We know you may be already familiar with the Git and Github PR process and there are many ways to accomplish what we described above, but this question is a recurring one so we like to provide visibility to others and, also learn something new with the feedback we got when posting this kind of micro recipes 👍