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MicroProfile 2.0

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@kwsutter kwsutter released this 29 Jun 20:26

Update MicroProfile 2.0 was superseded by the MicroProfile 2.0.1 release. Please reference that release for the latest MicroProfile platform release.

MicroProfile 2.0 is the latest release of the MicroProfile project. This is a major new release
for MicroProfile since the Java EE dependencies are now based on Java EE 8. If you are still
dependent on Java EE 7, please consider using the 1.x branch of MicroProfile.

Based on our time-boxed process, the content for MicroProfile 2.0 will be MicroProfile 1.4 plus Java EE 8 versions of the base features. Thus, the complete list of functional components for MicroProfile 2.0 includes...

  • MicroProfile Config 1.3
  • MicroProfile Fault Tolerance 1.1
  • MicroProfile Health Check 1.0
  • MicroProfile JWT Authentication 1.1
  • MicroProfile Metrics 1.1
  • MicroProfile OpenAPI 1.0
  • MicroProfile OpenTracing 1.1
  • MicroProfile Rest Client 1.1
  • CDI 2.0
  • Common Annotations 1.3
  • JAX-RS 2.1
  • JSON-B 1.0
  • JSON-P 1.1

To get started with MicroProfile 2.0, add the following dependency to your pom.xml:


NOTE: Due to a recent code re-organization, the previous releases of MicroProfile (1.3 and before) are located in the microprofile-bom repository.