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1.4.10 - 20160816
- Fix TLS operation with websockets listeners and libwebsockts 2.x. Closes
- Don't disconnect client on HUP before reading the pending data. Closes #7.
- Fix some $SYS messages being incorrectly persisted. Closes #191.
- Support OpenSSL 1.1.0.
- Call fsync after persisting data to ensure it is correctly written. Closes
- Fix persistence saving of subscription QoS on big-endian machines.
- Fix will retained flag handling on Windows. Closes #222.
- Broker now displays an error if it is unable to open the log file. Closes
Client library:
- Support OpenSSL 1.1.0.
- Fixed the C++ library not allowing SOCKS support to be used. Closes #198.
- Fix memory leak when verifying a server certificate with a subjectAltName
section. Closes #237.
- Don't attempt to install docs when WITH_DOCS=no. Closes #184.
1.4.9 - 20160603
- Ensure websockets clients that previously connected with clean session set
to false have their queued messages delivered immediately on reconnecting.
Closes #476314.
- Reconnecting client with clean session set to false doesn't start with mid=1
- Will topic isn't truncated by one byte when using a mount_point any more.
- Network errors are printed correctly on Windows.
- Fix incorrect $SYS heap memory reporting when using ACLs.
- Bridge config parameters couldn't contain a space, this has been fixed.
Closes #150.
- Fix saving of persistence messages that start with a '/'. Closes #151.
- Fix reconnecting for bridges that use TLS on Windows. Closes #154.
- Broker and bridges can now cope with unknown incoming PUBACK, PUBREC,
PUBREL, PUBCOMP without disconnecting. Closes #57.
- Fix websockets listeners not being able to bind to an IP address. Closes
- mosquitto_passwd utility now correctly deals with unknown command line
arguments in all cases. Closes #169.
- Fix publishing of $SYS/broker/clients/maximum
- Fix order of #includes in lib/send_mosq.c to ensure struct mosquitto doesn't
differ between source files when websockets is being used. Closes #180.
- Fix possible rare crash when writing out persistence file and a client has
incomplete messages inflight that it has been denied the right to publish.
Client library:
- Fix the case where a message received just before the keepalive timer
expired would cause the client to miss the keepalive timer.
- Return value of pthread_create is now checked.
- _mosquitto_destroy should not cancel threads that weren't created by
libmosquitto. Closes #166.
- Clients can now cope with unknown incoming PUBACK, PUBREC, PUBREL, PUBCOMP
without disconnecting. Closes #57.
- Fix mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() reporting matches on some invalid
- Handle some unchecked malloc() calls. Closes #1.
- Fix string quoting in CMakeLists.txt. Closes #4.
- Fix building on Visual Studio 2015. Closes #136.
1.4.8 - 20160214
- Wills published by clients connected to a listener with mount_point defined
now correctly obey the mount point. This was a potential security risk
because it allowed clients to publish messages outside of their restricted
mount point. This is only affects brokers where the mount_point option is in
use. Closes #487178.
- Fix detection of broken connections on Windows. Closes #485143.
- Close stdin etc. when daemonised. Closes #485589.
- Fix incorrect detection of FreeBSD and OpenBSD. Closes #485131.
Client library:
- mosq->want_write should be cleared immediately before a call to SSL_write,
to allow clients using mosquitto_want_write() to get accurate results.
1.4.7 - 20151221
- Fix support for libwebsockets 1.22.
1.4.6 - 20151220
- Add support for libwebsockets 1.6.
Client library:
- Fix _mosquitto_socketpair() on Windows, reducing the chance of delays when
publishing. Closes #483979.
- Fix "mosquitto_pub -l" stripping the final character on a line. Closes
1.4.5 - 20151108
- Fix possible memory leak if bridge using SSL attempts to connect to a
host that is not up.
- Free unused topic tree elements (fix in 1.4.3 was incomplete). Closes
- "mosquitto_pub -l" now no longer limited to 1024 byte lines. Closes #478917.
1.4.4 - 20150916
- Don't leak sockets when outgoing bridge with multiple addresses cannot
connect. Closes #477571.
- Fix cross compiling of websockets. Closes #475807.
- Fix memory free related crashes on openwrt. Closes #475707.
- Fix excessive calls to message retry check.
1.4.3 - 20150818
- Fix incorrect bridge notification on initial connection. Closes #467096.
- Build fixes for OpenBSD.
- Fix incorrect behaviour for autosave_interval, most noticable for
autosave_interval=1. Closes #465438.
- Fix handling of outgoing QoS>0 messages for bridges that could not be sent
because the bridge connection was down.
- Free unused topic tree elements. Closes #468987.
- Fix some potential memory leaks. Closes #470253.
- Fix potential crash on libwebsockets error.
Client library:
- Add missing error strings to mosquitto_strerror.
- Handle fragmented TLS packets without a delay. Closes #470660.
- Fix incorrect loop timeout being chosen when using threaded interface and
keepalive = 0. Closes #471334.
- Increment inflight messages count correctly. Closes #474935.
- Report error string on connection failure rather than error code.
1.4.2 - 20150507
- Fix bridge prefixes only working for the first outgoing message. Closes
- Fix incorrect bridge connection notifications on local broker.
- Fix persistent db writing on Windows. Closes #464779.
- ACLs are now checked before sending a will message.
- Fix possible crash when using bridges on Windows. Closes #465384.
- Fix parsing of auth_opt_ arguments with extra spaces/tabs.
- Broker will return CONNACK rc=5 when a username/password is not authorised.
This was being incorrectly set as rc=4.
- Fix handling of payload lengths>4096 with websockets.
Client library:
- Inflight message count wasn't being decreased for outgoing messages using
QoS 2, meaning that only up to 20 QoS 2 messages could be sent. This has
been fixed. Closes #464436.
- Fix CMake dependencies for C++ wrapper building. Closes #463884.
- Fix possibility of select() being called with a socket that is >FD_SETSIZE.
This is a fix for #464632 that will be followed up by removing the select()
call in a future version.
- Fix calls to mosquitto_connect*_async() not completing.
1.4.1 - 20150403
- Fix possible crash under heavy network load. Closes #463241.
- Fix possible crash when using pattern ACLs.
- Fix problems parsing config strings with multiple leading spaces. Closes
- Websockets clients are now periodically disconnected if they have not
maintained their keepalive timer. Closes #461619.
- Fix possible minor memory leak on acl parsing.
Client library:
- Inflight limits should only apply to outgoing messages. Closes #461620.
- Fix reconnect bug on Windows. Closes #463000.
- Return -1 on error from mosquitto_socket(). Closes #461705.
- Fix crash on multiple calls to mosquitto_lib_init/mosquitto_lib_cleanup.
Closes #462780.
- Allow longer paths on Windows. Closes #462781.
- Make _mosquitto_mid_generate() thread safe. Closes #463479.
1.4 - 20150218
Important changes:
- Websockets support in the broker.
- Bridge behaviour on the local broker has changed due to the introduction of
the local_* options. This may affect you if you are using authentication
and/or ACLs with bridges.
- The default TLS behaviour has changed to accept all of TLS v1.2, v1.1 and
v1.0, rather than only only one version of the protocol. It is still
possible to restrict a listener to a single version of TLS.
- The Python client has been removed now that the Eclipse Paho Python client
has had a release.
- When a durable client reconnects, its queued messages are now checked
against ACLs in case of a change in username/ACL state since it last
- New use_username_as_clientid option on the broker, for preventing hijacking
of a client id.
- The client library and clients now have experimental SOCKS5 support.
- Wildcard TLS certificates are now supported for bridges and clients.
- The clients have support for config files with default options.
- Client and client libraries have support for MQTT v3.1.1.
- Bridge support for MQTT v3.1.1.
- Websockets support in the broker.
- Add local_clientid, local_username, local_password for bridge connections to
authenticate to the local broker.
- Default TLS mode now accepts TLS v1.2, v1.1 and v1.0.
- Support for ECDHE-ECDSA family ciphers.
- Fix bug #1324411, which could have had unexpected consequences for delayed
messages in rare circumstances.
- Add support for "session present" in CONNACK messages for MQTT v3.1.1.
- Remove strict protocol #ifdefs.
- Change $SYS/broker/clients/active -> $SYS/broker/clients/connected
- Change $SYS/broker/clients/inactive -> $SYS/broker/clients/disconnected
- When a durable client reconnects, its queued messages are now checked
against ACLs in case of a change in username/ACL state since it last
- libuuid is used to generate client ids, where it is available, when an MQTT
v3.1.1 client connects with a zero length client id.
- Anonymous clients are no longer accidently disconnected from the broker
after a SIGHUP.
- mosquitto_passwd now supports -b (batch mode) to allow the password to be
provided at the command line.
- Removed $SYS/broker/changeset. This was intended for use with debugging, but
in practice is of no use.
- Add support for use_username_as_clientid which can be used with
authentication to restrict ownership of client ids and hence prevent one
client disconnecting another by using the same client id.
- When "require_certificate" was false, the broker was incorrectly asking for
a certificate (but not checking it). This caused problems with some clients
and has been fixed so the broker no longer asks.
- When using syslog logging on non-Windows OSs, it is now possible to specify
the logging facility to one of local0-7 instead of the default "daemon".
- The bridge_attempt_unsubscribe option has been added, to allow the sending
of UNSUBSCRIBE requests to be disabled for topics with "out" direction.
Closes bug #456899.
- Wildcard TLS certificates are now supported for bridges.
- Support for "hour" client expiration lengths for the
persistent_client_expiration option. Closes bug #425835.
- Bridge support for MQTT v3.1.1.
- Root privileges are now dropped after starting listeners and loading
certificates/private keys, to allow private keys to have their permissions
restricted to the root user only. Closes bug #452914.
- Usernames and topics given in ACL files can now include a space. Closes bug
- Fix hang if pattern acl contains a %u but an anonymous client connect.
Closes bug #455402.
- Fix man page installation with cmake. Closes bug #458843.
- When using "log_dest file" the output file is now flushed periodically.
- Both clients can now load default configuration options from a file.
- Add -C option to mosquitto_sub to allow the client to quit after receiving a
certain count of messages. Closes bug #453850.
- Add --proxy SOCKS5 support for both clients.
- Pub client supports setting its keepalive. Closes bug #454852.
- Add support for config files with default options.
- Add support for MQTT v3.1.1.
Client library:
- Add experimental SOCKS5 support.
- mosquitto_loop_forever now quits after a fatal error, rather than blindly
- SRV support is now not compiled in by default.
- Wildcard TLS certificates are now supported.
- mosquittopp now has a virtual destructor. Closes bug #452915.
- Add support for MQTT v3.1.1.
- Don't quit mosquitto_loop_forever() if broker not available on first
connect. Closes bug #453293, but requires more work.
1.3.5 - 20141008
- Fix possible memory leak when using a topic that has a leading slash. Fixes
bug #1360985.
- Fix saving persistent database on Windows.
- Temporarily disable ACL checks on subscriptions when using MQTT v3.1.1. This
is due to the complexity of checking wildcard ACLs against wildcard
subscriptions. This does not have a negative impact on security because
checks are still made before a message is sent to a client.
Fixes bug #1374291.
- When using -v and the broker receives a SIGHUP, verbose logging was being
disabled. This has been fixed.
Client library:
- Fix mutex being incorrectly passed by value. Fixes bug #1373785.
1.3.4 - 20140806
- Don't ask client for certificate when require_certificate is false.
- Backout incomplete functionality that was incorrectly included in 1.3.2.
1.3.3 - 20140801
- Fix incorrect handling of anonymous bridges on the local broker.
1.3.2 - 20140713
- Don't allow access to clients when authenticating if a security plugin
returns an application error. Fixes bug #1340782.
- Ensure that bridges verify certificates by default when using TLS.
- Fix possible crash when using pattern ACLs that do not include a %u and
clients that connect without a username.
- Fix subscriptions being deleted when clients subscribed to a topic beginning
with a $ but that is not $SYS.
- When a durable client reconnects, its queued messages are now checked
against ACLs in case of a change in username/ACL state since it last
- Fix bug #1324411, which could have had unexpected consequences for delayed
messages in rare circumstances.
- Anonymous clients are no longer accidently disconnected from the broker
after a SIGHUP.
Client library:
- Fix topic matching edge case.
- Fix callback deadlocks after calling mosquitto_disconnect(), when using the
threaded interfaces. Closes bug #1313725.
- Fix SRV support when building with CMake.
- Remove strict protocol #ifdefs.
- Use $(STRIP) for stripping binaries when installing, to allow easier cross
1.3.1 - 20140324
- Prevent possible crash on client reconnect. Closes bug #1294108.
- Don't accept zero length unsubscription strings (MQTT v3.1.1 fix)
- Don't accept QoS 3 (MQTT v3.1.1 fix)
- Don't disconnect clients immediately on HUP to give chance for all data to
be read.
- Reject invalid un/subscriptions e.g. foo/+bar #/bar.
- Take more care not to disconnect clients that are sending large messages.
Client library:
- Fix socketpair code on the Mac.
- Fix compilation for WITH_THREADING=no.
- Break out of select() when calling mosquitto_loop_stop().
- Reject invalid un/subscriptions e.g. foo/+bar #/bar.
- Add mosquitto_threaded_set().
- Fix keepalive value on mosquitto_pub.
- Fix possibility of mosquitto_pub not exiting after sending messages when
using -l.
1.3 - 20140316
- The broker no longer ignores the auth_plugin_init() return value.
- Accept SSLv2/SSLv3 HELLOs when using TLSv1, whilst keeping SSLv2 and SSLv3
disabled. This increases client compatibility without sacrificing security.
- The $SYS tree can now be disabled at runtime as well as at compile time.
- When remapping bridged topics, only check for matches when the message
direction is correct. This allows two identical topics to be remapped
differently for both in and out.
- Change "$SYS/broker/heap/current size" to "$SYS/broker/heap/current" for
easier parsing.
- Change "$SYS/broker/heap/maximum size" to "$SYS/broker/heap/maximum" for
easier parsing.
- Topics are no longer normalised from e.g a///topic to a/topic. This matches
the behaviour as clarified by the Oasis MQTT spec. This will lead to
unexpected behaviour if you were using topics of this form.
- Log when outgoing messages for a client begin to drop off the end of the
- Bridge clients are recognised as bridges even after reloading from
- Basic support for MQTT v3.1.1. This does not include being able to bridge to
an MQTT v3.1.1 broker.
- Username is displayed in log if present when a client connects.
- Support for 0 length client ids (v3.1.1 only) that result in automatically
generated client ids on the broker (see option allow_zero_length_clientid).
- Ability to set the prefix of automatically generated client ids (see option
- Add support for TLS session resumption.
- When using TLS, the server now chooses the cipher to use when negotiating
with the client.
- Weak TLS ciphers are now disabled by default.
Client library:
- Fix support for Python 2.6, 3.0, 3.1.
- Add support for un/subscribing to multiple topics at once in un/subscribe().
- Clients now close their socket after sending DISCONNECT.
- Python client now contains its version number.
- C library mosquitto_want_write() now supports TLS clients.
- Fix possible memory leak in C/C++ library when communicating with
a broker that doesn't follow the spec.
- Return strerror() through mosquitto_strerror() to make error printing
- Topics are no longer normalised from e.g a///topic to a/topic. This matches
the behaviour as clarified by the Oasis MQTT spec. This will lead to
unexpected behaviour if you were using topics of this form.
- Add support for SRV lookups.
- Break out of select() on publish(), subscribe() etc. when using the threaded
interface. Fixes bug #1270062.
- Handle incoming and outgoing messages separately. Fixes bug #1263172.
- Don't terminate threads on mosquitto_destroy() when a client is not using
the threaded interface but does use their own thread. Fixes bug #1291473.
- Add --ciphers to allow specifying which TLS ciphers to support.
- Add support for SRV lookups.
- Add -N to sub client to suppress printing of EOL after the payload.
- Add -T to sub client to suppress printing of a topic hierarchy.
1.2.3 - 20131202
- Don't always attempt to call read() for SSL clients, irrespective of whether
they were ready to read or not. Reduces syscalls significantly.
- Possible memory leak fixes.
- Further fix for bug #1226040: multiple retained messages being delivered for
subscriptions ending in #.
- Fix bridge reconnections when using multiple bridge addresses.
Client library:
- Fix possible memory leak in C/C++ library when communicating with
a broker that doesn't follow the spec.
- Block in Python loop_stop() until all messages are sent, as the
documentation states should happen.
- Fix for asynchronous connections on Windows. Closes bug #1249202.
- Module version is now available in
- mosquitto_sub now uses fwrite() instead of printf() to output messages, so
messages with NULL characters aren't truncated.
1.2.2 - 20131021
- Fix compliance with max_inflight_messages when a non-clean session client
reconnects. Closes one of the issues on bug #1237389.
Client library:
- Fix incorrect inflight message accounting, which caused messages to go
unsent. Partial fix for bug #1237351.
- Fix potential memory corruption when sending QoS>0 messages at a high rate
using the threaded interface. Further fix for #1237351.
- Fix incorrect delay scaling when exponential_backoff=true in
- Some pep8 fixes for Python.
1.2.1 - 20130918
- The broker no longer ignores the auth_plugin_init() return value. Closes
bug #1215084.
- Use RTLD_GLOBAL when opening authentication plugins on posix systems. Fixes
resolving of symbols in libraries used by authentication plugins.
- Add/fix some config documentation.
- Fix ACLs for topics with $SYS.
- Clients loaded from the persistence file on startup were not being added to
the client hash, causing subtle problems when the client reconnected,
including ACLs failing. This has been fixed.
- Add note to mosquitto-tls man page stating that certificates need to be
unique. Closes bug #1221285.
- Fix incorrect retained message delivery when using wildcard subs in some
circumstances. Fixes bug #1226040.
Client library:
- Fix support for Python 2.6, 3.0, 3.1.
- Fix TLS subjectAltName verification and segfaults.
- Handle EAGAIN in Python on Windows. Closes bug #1220004.
- Fix compilation when using WITH_TLS=no.
- Don't fail reconnecting in Python when broker is temporarily unavailable.
1.2 - 20130708
- Replace O(n) username lookup on CONNECT with a roughly O(1) hashtable version.
- It is now possible to disable $SYS at compile time.
- Add dropped publish messages to load tree in $SYS. Closes bug #1183318.
- Add support for logging SUBSCRIBE/UNSUBSCRIBE events.
- Add "log_dest file" logging support.
- Auth plugin ACL check function now passes the client id as well as username
and password.
- The queue_qos0_messages option wasn't working correctly, this has now been
fixed. Closes bug #1125200.
- Don't drop all messages for disconnected durable clients when
- Add support for "log_type all".
- Add support for "-v" option on the command line to provide the equivalent of
"log_type all" without needing a config file.
- Add the "upgrade_outgoing_qos" option, a non-standard feature.
- Persistence data is now written to a temporary file which is atomically
renamed on completion, so a crash during writing will not produce a corrupt
- mosquitto.conf is now installed as mosquitto.conf.example
- Configuration file errors are now reported with filename and line number.
- The broker now uses a monotonic clock if available, to avoid changes in time
causing client disconnections or message retries.
- Clean session and keepalive status are now display the log when a client
- Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1.
- Clients that connect with zero length will topics are now rejected.
- Add the ability to set a maximum allowed PUBLISH payload size.
- Fix an ACL with topic "#" incorrectly granting access to $SYS.
- Fix retained messages incorrectly being set on wildcard topics, leading to
duplicate retained messages being sent on subscription. Closes bug #1116233.
- Don't discard listener values when no "port" option given. Closes bug
- Client password check was always failing when security was being reapplied
after a config reload. This meant that all clients were being disconnected.
This has been fixed.
- Fix build when WITH_TLS=no. Closes bug #1174971.
- Fix single outgoing packets not being sent in a timely fashion if they were
not sent in one call to write(). Closes bug #1176796.
- Fix remapping of messages for clients connected to a listener with
mount_point set. Closes bug #1180765.
- Fix duplicate retained messages being sent for some wildcard patterns.
- If a client connects with a will topic to which they do not have write
access, they are now disconnected with CONNACK "not authorised".
- Fix retained messages on topic foo being incorrectly delivered to
subscriptions of /#
- Fix handling of SSL errors on SSL_accept().
- Fix handling of QoS 2 messages on client reconnect.
- Drop privileges now sets supplementary groups correctly.
- Fix load reporting interval (is now 60s).
- Be strict with malformed PUBLISH packets - clients are now disconnected
rather than the packet discarded. This goes inline with future OASIS spec
changes and makes other changes more straightforward.
- Process incoming messages denied by ACL properly so that clients don't keep
resending them.
- Add support for round_robin bridge option.
- Add bridge support for verifying remote server certificate subject against
the remote hostname.
- Fix problem with out of order calls to free() when restarting a lazy bridge.
- The broker now attempts to resolve bind_address and bridge addresses
immediately when parsing the config file in order to detect invalid hosts.
- Bridges now set their notification state before attempting to connect, so if
they fail to connect the state can still be seen.
- Fix bridge notification payload length - no need to send a null byte.
- mosquitto_passwd utility now reports errors more clearly.
- Fix "mosquitto_passwd -U".
Client library:
- Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1, except for on the Python module.
- Add support for verifying remote server certificate subject against the
remote hostname.
- Add mosquitto_reconnect_async() support and make asynchronous connections
truely asynchronous rather than simply deferred. DNS lookups are still
blocking, so asynchronous connections require an IP address instead of
- Allow control of reconnection timeouts in mosquitto_loop_forever() and after
mosquitto_loop_start() by using mosquitto_reconnect_delay_set().
- Fix building on Android NDK.
- Re-raise unhandled errors in Python so as not to provide confusing error
messages later on.
- Python module supports IPv6 connections.
- mosquitto_sub_topic_tokenise() was behaving incorrectly if the last topic
hierarchy had only a single character. This has been fixed. Closes bug
- Fix possible crash after disconnects when using the threaded interface with
- Allow build/install without Python. Closes bug #1174972.
- Add support for binding connection to a local interface.
- Implement maximum inflight messages handling.
- Fix Python client not handling will_payload==None.
- Fix potential memory leak when setting username/password.
- Fix handling of QoS 2 messages on reconnect.
- Improve handling of mosquitto_disconnect() with threaded mode.
- Add support for TLSv1.2 and TLSv1.1.
- Sub client can now suppress printing of messages with the retain bit set.
- Add support for binding connection to a local interface.
- Implement maximum inflight messages handling for the pub client.
1.1.3 - 20130211
- mosquitto_passwd utility now uses tmpfile() to generate its temporary data
storage file. It also creates a backup file that can be used to recover data
if an errors occur.
- Build script fixes to help packaging on Debian.
1.1.2 - 20130130
Client library:
- Fix tls_cert_reqs not being set to SSL_VERIFY_PEER by default. This meant
that clients were not verifying the server certificate when connecting over
TLS. This affects the C, C++ and Python libraries.
1.1.1 - 20130116
- Fix crash on reload if using acl patterns.
Client library:
- Fix static C++ functions not being exported on Windows. Fixes bug #1098256.
1.1 - 20121219
- Add $SYS/broker/messages/dropped
- Add $SYS/broker/clients/expired
- Replace $SYS/broker/+/per second/+ with moving average versions published at
- Add $SYS/broker/load/sockets/+ and $SYS/broker/load/connections/+
- Documentation on password file format has been fixed.
- Disable SSL compression. This reduces memory usage significantly and removes
the possibility of CRIME type attacks.
- Enable SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS mode to reduce SSL memory usage further.
- Add allow_duplicate_messages option.
- ACL files can now have comment lines with # as the first character.
- Display message on startup about which config is being loaded.
- Fix max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages not being applied.
- Fix documentation error in mosquitto.conf.
- Ensure that QoS 2 queued messages are sent out in a timely manner.
- Local bridges now act on clean_session correctly.
- Local bridges with clean_session==false now remove unused subscriptions on
broker restart.
- The $SYS/broker/heap/# messages now no longer include "bytes" as part of the
string for ease of use.
Client library:
- Free memory used by OpenSSL in mosquitto_lib_cleanup() where possible.
- Change WebSocket subprotocol name to mqttv3.1 to make future changes easier
and for compatibility with other implementations.
- mosquitto_loop_read() and mosquitto_loop_write() now handle errors
themselves rather than having mosquitto_loop() handle their errors. This
makes using them in a separate event loop more straightforward.
- Add mosquitto_loop_forever() / loop_forever() function call to make simple
clients easier.
- Disable SSL compression. This reduces memory usage significantly and removes
the possibility of CRIME type attacks.
- Enable SSL_MODE_RELEASE_BUFFERS mode to reduce SSL memory usage further.
- mosquitto_tls_set() will now return an error or raise an exception
immediately if the CA certificate or client certificate/key cannot be
- Fix potential memory leaks on connection failures.
- Don't produce return error from mosquitto_loop() if a system call is
interrupted. This prevents disconnects/reconnects in threaded mode and
simplifies non-threaded client handling.
- Ignore SIGPIPE to prevent unnecessary client quits in threaded mode.
- Fix document error for mosquitto_message_retry_set().
- Fix mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() for subscriptions with + as the final
character. Fixes bug #1085797.
- Rename all "obj" parameters to "userdata" for consistency with other
- Reset errno before network read/write to ensure EAGAIN isn't mistakenly
- The message queue length is now tracked and used to determine the maximum
number of packets to process at once. This removes the need for the
max_packets parameter which is now unused.
- Fix incorrect error value in Python error_string() function. Fixes bug
- Reset last message in/out timer in Python module when we send a PINGREQ.
Fixes too-early disconnects.
- Clients now display their own version number and library version number in
their help messages.
- Fix "mosquitto_pub -l -q 2" disconnecting before all messages were
- Fix potential out-of-bounds array access with client ids. Fixes bug
- mosquitto_passwd can now convert password files with plain text files to
hashed versions.
1.0.5 - 20121103
- Fix crash when the broker has use_identity_as_username set to true but a
client connects without a certificate.
- mosquitto_passwd should only be installed if WITH_TLS=yes.
- Use symbolic errno values rather than numbers in Python module to avoid
cross platform issues (incorrect errno on Mac OS).
- Build script fixes for FreeBSD.
1.0.4 - 20121017
- Deal with poll() POLLIN/POLLOUT before POLL[RD]HUP to correctly handle the
case where a client sends data and immediately closes its socket.
- Fix memory leak with messages of QoS=2. Fixes bug #1064981.
- Fix potential thread synchronisation problem with outgoing packets in the
Python module. Fixes bug #1064977.
- Fix "mosquitto_sub -l" incorrectly only sending one message per second.
1.0.3 - 20120927
- Fix loading of psk files.
- Don't return an error when reloading config if an ACL file isn't defined.
This was preventing psk files being reloaded.
- Clarify meaning of $SYS/broker/clients/total in mosquitto(8) man page.
- Clarify meaning of $SYS/broker/messages/stored in mosquitto(8) man page.
- Fix non-retained message delivery when subscribing to #.
- Fix retained message delivery for subs to foo/# with retained messages at
- Include the filename in password/acl file loading errors.
- Fix possible AttributeError when self._sock == None in Python module.
- Fix reconnecting after a timeout in Python module.
- Fix reconnecting when there were outgoing packets in the queue in the Python
- Fix problem with mutex initialisation causing crashes on some Windows
1.0.2 - 20120919
- If the broker was configured for persistence, a durable client had a
subscription to topics in $SYS/# and had messages in its queue when the
broker restarted, then the persistent database would have messages missing
and so the broker would not restart properly. This has been fixed.
- Fix threading problem on some systems.
- Close socket after test to prevent
subsequent tests having problems.
Build scripts:
- Install pskfile.example in CMake. Fixes bug #1037504.
- Fix db_dump parameter printing message store and sub chunks.
1.0.1 - 20120815
- Fix default log_dest when running as a Windows service.
Client library:
- Fix incorrect parameters in Python on_log() callback call. Fixes bug
- Clients now don't display TLS/TLS-PSK usage help if they don't support it.
Build scripts:
- Fix TLS-PSK support in the CMake build files.
- Fix man page installation in the CMake build files.
- Fix SYSCONFDIR in cmake on *nix when installing to /usr. Fixes bug #1036908.
- Fix mqtt/MQTT capitalisation in man pages.
- Update compiling.txt.
- Fix incorrect callback docs in Fixes bug #1036607.
- Fix various doc typos and remove obsolete script. Fixes bug #1037088.
1.0 - 20120814
- Add SSL/TLS support.
- Add TLS-PSK support, providing a simpler encryption method for constrained
- Passwords are now salted+hashed if compiled with WITH_TLS (recommended).
- Add mosquitto_passwd for handling password files.
- Add $SYS/broker/publish/messages/{sent|received} to show the number of
PUBLISH messages sent/received.
- Add $SYS/broker/publish/bytes/{sent|received} to show the number of
PUBLISH bytes sent/received.
- Add reload parameter for security init/cleanup functions.
- Add option for expiring disconnected persistent clients.
- Add option for queueing of QoS 0 messages when persistent clients are
- Enforce client id limits in the broker (only when WITH_STRICT_PROTOCOL is
- Fix reloading of log configuration.
- Add support for try_private config option for bridge connections.
- Add support for autosave_on_changes config option.
- Add support for include_dir config option.
- Add support for topic remapping.
- Usernames were being lost when a non clean-session client reconnected,
potentially causing problems with ACLs. This has been fixed.
- Significant improvement to memory handling on Windows.
- Bridges with outgoing topics will now set the retain flag correctly so that
messages will be retained on the remote broker.
- Incoming bridge connections are now detected by checking if bit 8 of the
protocol version number is set. This requires support from the remote broker.
- Add support for notification_topic option.
- Add $SYS/broker/subscriptions/count and $SYS/broker/retained messages/count.
- Add restart_timeout to control the amount of time an automatic bridge will
wait before reconnecting.
- Overlapping subscriptions are now handled properly. Fixes bug #928538.
- Fix reloading of persistence_file and persistence_location.
- Fix broker crash on incorrect protocol number.
- Fix missing COMPAT_ECONNRESET define on Windows.
- Clients that had disconnected were not always being detected immediately on
Linux. This has been fixed.
- Don't save $SYS messages to the on-disk persistent db. All $SYS messages
should be reconstructed on a restart. This means bridge connection
notifications will now be correct on a restart.
- Fix reloading of bridge clients from the persistent db. This means that
outgoing bridged topics should always work.
- Local bridges are now no longer restricted by local ACLs.
- Discard publish messages with zero length topics.
- Drop to "mosquitto" user even if no config file specified.
- Don't incorrectly allow topic access if ACL patterns but no normal ACL rules
are defined.
Client library:
- Add SSL/TLS support.
- Add TLS-PSK support, providing a simpler encryption method for constrained
- Add javascript/websockets client library.
- Add "struct mosquitto *mosq" parameter for all callbacks in the client
library. This is a binary incompatible change so the soversion of the
libraries has been incremented. The new parameter should make it easier to
use callbacks in practice.
- Add mosquitto_want_write() for use when using own select() loop with
- Add mosquitto_connect_async() to provide a non-blocking connect client call.
- Add mosquitto_user_data_set() to allow user data pointer to be updated.
- Add "int rc" parameter to disconnect callback to indicate whether disconnect
was unexpected or the result of calling mosquitto_disconnect().
- Add mosquitto_strerror() for obtaining a string description of error numbers.
- Add mosquitto_connack_string() for obtaining a string description of MQTT
connection results.
- Add mosquitto_will_clear() and change mosquitto_will_set() to only set the
- Add mosquitto_sub_topic_tokenise() and mosquitto_sub_topic_tokens_free()
utility functions to tokenise a subscription/topic string into a string
- Add mosquitto_topic_matches_sub() to check whether a topic matches a
- Replaced mosquitto_log_init() with mosquitto_log_callback_set() to allow
clients to decide what to do with log messages.
- Client will now disconnect itself from the broker if it doesn't receive a
PINGRESP in the keepalive period after sending a PINGREQ.
- Client will now send a PINGREQ if it has not received a message from the
broker in keepalive seconds.
- mosquitto_new() will now generate a random client id if the id parameter is
- Added max_packets to mosquitto_loop(), mosquitto_loop_read() and
mosquitto_loop_write() to control the maximum number of packets that are
handled per call.
- Payload parameters are now void * instead of uint8_t *.
- The clean_session parameter has been moved from mosquitto_connect() to
mosquitto_new() because it is a client parameter rather than a connection
- Functions now use int instead of uint*_t where possible.
- mosquitto_new() now sets errno to indicate failure type.
- Return MOSQ_ERR_INVAL on zero length topic.
- Fix automatic client id generation on Windows.
- mosquitto_loop_misq() can now return MOSQ_ERR_NO_CONN.
- Compile static library as well as dynamic library with default makefiles.
- Rename C++ namespace from mosquittopp to mosqpp to remove ambiguity.
- C++ lib_init(), lib_version() and lib_cleanup() are now in the mosqpp
namespace directly, not mosquittopp class members.
- The Python library is now written in pure Python and so no longer depends on
- The Python library includes SSL/TLS support.
- The Python library should now be compatible with Python 3.
- Fix db_dump reading of retained messages.
- Add example of logging all messages to mysql.
- Add C++ client example.
- Fix potential buffer overflow in pub/sub clients.
- Add "make binary" target that doesn't make documents.
- Add "--help" arguments to pub/sub clients.
- Fix building on Solaris.
0.15 - 20120205
- Add support for $SYS/broker/clients/maximum and $SYS/broker/clients/active
- Add support for $SYS messages/byte per second received/sent topics.
- Updated mosquitto man page - $SYS hierarchy and signal support were out of
- Auto generated pub/sub client ids now include the hostname.
- Tool for dumping persistent DB contents is available in src/db_dump. It isn't
installed by default.
- Enforce topic length checks in client library.
- Implement "once" and "lazy" bridge start types.
- Add new return type MOSQ_ERR_ERRNO to indicate that the errno variable should
be checked for the real error code.
- Add support for connection_messages config option.
- mosquitto_sub will now refuse to run if the -c option (disable clean session)
is given and no client id is provided.
- mosquitto_pub now gives more useful error messages on invalid input or other
error conditions.
- Fix Python will_set() true/True typo.
- Fix messages to topic "a/b" incorrectly matching on a subscription "a" if
another subscription "a/#" exists.
0.14.4 - 20120106
- Fix local bridge notification messages.
- Fix return values for more internal library calls.
- Fix incorrect out of memory checks in library and broker.
- Never time out local bridge connections.
0.14.3 - 20111210
- Fix potential crash when client connects with an invalid CONNECT packet.
- Fix incorrect invalid socket comparison on Windows.
- Server shouldn't crash when a message is published to foo/ when a
subscription to foo/# exists (bug #901697).
- SO_REUSEADDR doesn't work the same on Windows, so don't use it.
- Cygwin builds now support Windows service features.
- Fix $SYS/broker/bytes/sent reporting.
0.14.2 - 20111123
- Add uninstall target for libs.
- Don't try to write packet whilst in a callback.
0.14.1 - 20111117
- Fix Python sytax errors (bug #891673).
0.14 - 20111116
- Add support for matching ACLs based on client id and username.
- Add a Windows installer file (NSIS based).
- Add native support for running the broker as a Windows service. This is the
default when installed using the new installer.
- Fix client count for listeners. When clients disconnect, decrement the
count. Allow max_connections to work again.
- Attempt to send all packets immediately upon being queued. This will result
in more immediate network communication in many cases.
- Log IP address when reporting CONNACK packets if the client id isn't yet
- Fix payload length calculation in python will_set function.
- Fix Python publish and will_set functions for payload=None.
- Fix keepalive value being lost when reconnecting a client (bug #880863).
- Persistence file writing now uses portable file functions, so the Cygwin
broker build should no longer be necessary.
- Duplicate code between the client and broker side has been reduced.
- Queued messages for clients reconnecting with clean_session=false set were
not being sent until the next message for that client was received. This has
been fixed (bug #890724).
- Fix subscriptions to # incorrectly matching against topics beginning with /
0.13 - 20110920
- Implement bridge state notification messages.
- Save client last used mid in persistent database (DB version number bumped).
- Expose message id in Python MosquittoMessage.
- It is now possible to set the topic QoS level for bridges.
- Python MosquittoMessage payload parameter is now a Python string, not a
ctypes object which makes it much easier to use.
- Fix queueing of messages for disconnected clients. The max_queued_messages
option is now obeyed.
- C++ library is now in its own namespace, mosquittopp.
- Add support for adding log message timestamps in the broker.
- Fix missing mosquitto_username_pw_set() python binding.
- Fix keepalive timeout for reconnecting non clean-session clients. Prevents
immediate disconnection on reconnection.
- Fix subscription wildcard matching - a subscription of +/+ will now match
against /foo
- Fix subscription wildcard matching - a subscription of foo/# will now match
against foo
- When restoring persistent database, clients should be set to non
clean-session or their subscriptions will be immediately removed.
- Fix SUBACK payload for multiple topic subscriptions.
- Don't send retained messages when a client subscribes to a topic it is
already subscribed to.
0.12 - 20110725
- Reload (most) configuration on SIGHUP.
- Memory tracking is no longer compiled in the client library.
- Add --help option to mosquitto to display usage.
- Add --id-prefix option to clients to allow easier use with brokers that are
using the clientid_prefix option.
- Fix compilation on QNX.
- Add -P as a synonym argument for --pw in the clients.
- Fix python MosquittoMessage payload parameter. This is now returned as a
pointer to an array of c_uint8 values so binary data is handled correctly.
If a string is needed, use msg.payload_str
- Fix memory leaks on client authentication.
- If password_file is not defined then clients can now connect even if they
use a username/password.
- Add mosquitto_reconnect() to the client library.
- Add option for compiling with liberal protocol compliance support (enabled
by default).
- Fix problems with clients reconnecting and old messages remaining in the
message store.
- Display both ip and client id in the log message when a client connects.
Change the socket connection message to make it more obvious that it is just
a socket connection being made (bug #801135).
- Fix retained message delivery where a subscription contains a +.
- Be more lenient when reloading persistent database to reduce errors with
empty retained messages.
0.11.3 - 20110707
- Don't complain and quit if persistence_file option is given (bug #802423).
- Initialise listeners correctly when clients with duplicate client ids
connect. Bug #801678.
- Memory tracking is now disabled for Symbian builds due to lack of malloc.h.
- Fix memory tracking compilation for kFreeBSD.
- Python callbacks can now be used with class member functions.
- Fix persistent database writing of client message chunks which caused
errors when restoring (bug #798164).
0.11.2 - 20110626
- Don't free contexts in mqtt3_context_disconnect() (bug #799688 / #801678).
- Only free will if present when freeing a client context.
0.11.1 - 20110620
- Fix buffer overrun when checking for + and # in topics (bug #799688).
- Pub client now quits if publish fails.
0.11 - 20110619
- Removed all old sqlite code.
- Remove client id limit in clients.
- Implemented $SYS/broker/heap/maximum size
- Implemented $SYS/broker/clients/inactive to show the number of disconnected
non-clean session clients.
- $SYS/broker/heap/current size and maximum size messages now include "bytes"
to match rsmb message format.
- Implemented the retained_persistence config file option - a synonym of the
"persistence" option.
- Added security_external.c to broker source to make it easier for third
parties to add support for their existing username/password and ACL database
for security checks. See external_security_checks.txt.
- $SYS messages are now only republished when their value changes.
- Windows native broker now responds to command line arguments.
- Simplify client disconnecting so wills gets sent in all cases (bug #792468).
- Clients now have a --quiet option.
- The on_disconnect() callback will always be called now, even if the client
has disconnected unexpectedly.
- Always close persistent DB file after restoring.
- Return error code when exiting the clients.
- mosquitto_publish() now returns MOSQ_ERR_INVAL if the topic contains + or #
- mosquitto now silently rejects published messages with + or # in the topic.
- max_connections is now a per-listener setting instead of global.
- Connection count is now reduced when clients disconnect (bug #797983).
0.10.2 - 20110106
- Don't abort when connecting if the first connection fails. This is important
on e.g. Windows 7, where IPV6 is offered as the first choice but may not be
- Deal with long logging messages properly (bug #785882).
- Fix library compilation on Symbian - no pselect() available.
- Don't stop processing subscriptions on received messages after a
subscription with # matches. (bug #791206).
0.10.1 - 20110512
- Fix Windows compilation.
- Fix on Windows - call lib init/cleanup.
- Don't abort when connecting if given an unknown address type (assuming an
IPv4 or IPv6 address is given).
0.10 - 20110429
- Implement support for the password_file option and accompanying
authentication requirements in the broker.
- Implement topic Access Control Lists.
- mosquitto_will_set() and mosquitto_publish() now return
MOSQ_ERR_PAYLOAD_SIZE if the payload is too large (>268,435,455 bytes).
- Bridge support can now be disabled at compile time.
- Group together network writes for outgoing packets - don't send single byte
- Add support for clientid_prefixes variable.
- Add support for the clientid config variable for controlling bridge client
- Remove 32-bit database ID support because htobe64() no longer used.
- Multiple client subscriptions to the same topic result in only a single
subscription. Bug #744077.
0.9.3 - 20110310
- Set retained message status for QoS 2 messages (bug #726535).
- Only abort with an error when opening listening sockets if no address family
is available, rather than aborting when any address family is not available.
- Don't clean queued messages when a non clean session client reconnects.
- Make compatible with Python <2.6.
- Fix mosquitto.h header includes for Windows.
0.9.2 - 20110208
- Only send a single DISCONNECT command when using -l in the pub client.
- Set QoS=1 on PUBREL commands to meet protocol spec.
- Don't leak sockets on connection failure in the library.
- Install man pages when building under cmake.
- Fix crash bug on malformed CONNECT message.
- Clients are now rejected if their socket peer name cannot be obtained on
- Fix a number of potential problems caused when a client with a duplicate id
- Install mosquitto.conf under cmake.
0.9.1 - 20101203
- Add missing code for parsing the "bind_address" configuration option.
- Fix missing include when compiling with tcp-wrappers support.
- Add linker version script for C library to control exported functions.
0.9 - 20101114
- Client and message data is now stored in memory with custom routines rather
than a sqlite database. This removes the dependencies on sqlite, pcre and
sqlite3-pcre. It also means that the persistent database format has had to
be reimplemented in a custom format. Optional support for importing old
sqlite databases is provided.
- Added IPv6 support for mosquitto and the clients.
- Provide username and password support for the clients and client libraries.
This is part of the new MQTT v3.1 spec.
- The broker supports the username and password connection flags, but will not
do anything with the username and password.
- Python callback functions now optionally take an extra argument which will
return the user object passed to the Mosquitto() constructor, or the calling
python object itself if nothing was given to Mosquitto().
- Remove the mosquitto command line option "-i interface".
- Remove the mosquitto.conf "interface" variable.
- Add support for the listener config variable (replaces the interface
- Add support for the bind_address config variable.
- Change the port config variable behaviour to match that of rsmb (applies to
the default listener only, can be given just once).
- Fix QoS 2 protocol compliance - stop sending duplicate messages and handle
timeouts correctly. Fixes bug #598290.
- Set retain flag correctly for outgoing messages. It should only be set for
messages sent in response to a subscribe command (ie. stale data).
- Fix bug in returning correct CONNACK result to on_connect client callback.
- Don't send client will if it is disconnected for exceeding its keepalive
- Fix client library unsubscribe function incorrectly sending a SUBSCRIBE
command when it should be UNSUBSCRIBE.
- Fix max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages operation. These
parameters now apply only to QoS 1 and 2 messages and are used regardless of
the client connection state.
- mosquitto.conf now installed to /etc/mosquitto/mosquitto.conf instead of
/etc/mosquitto.conf. The /etc/mosquitto/ directory will be used for password
and access control files in the future.
- Give the compile time option of using 32-bit integers for the database IDs
instead of 64-bit integers. This is useful where htobe64()/be64toh() are not
available or for embedded systems for example.
- The DUP bit is now set correctly when resending PUBREL messages.
- A port to Windows native has been partially completed. This currently drops a
number of features, including the ability to change configuration parameters
and persistent storage.
0.8.3 - 20101004
- Fix QoS 2 protocol compliance - stop sending duplicate messages and handle
timeouts correctly. Fixes bug #598290. (backported from future 0.9 code)
0.8.2 - 20100815
- Fix default loop() timeout value in Previous value was 0,
causing high cpu load.
- Fix message handling problem in client library when more than one message was
in the client queue.
- Fix the logic used to determine whether a QoS>0 message needs to be retried.
- Fix the Python example so that it quits on error.
0.8.1 - 20100812
- Improve python interface
- Fix incorrect return value from message delete function
- Use logging function to print error messages in clients.
- Fix python installation script DESTDIR.
- Fix library destination path for 64-bit machines.
0.8 - 20100807
- Topics starting with a / are treated as distinct to those not starting with
a /. For example, /topic/path is different to topic/path. This matches the
behaviour of rsmb.
- Correctly calculate the will QoS on a new client connection (bug #597451).
- Add "addresses" configuration file variable as an alias of "address", for
better rsmb compatibility.
- Bridge clean_session setting is now false, to give more sensible behaviour
and be more compatible with rsmb.
- Add cleansession variable for configuring bridges.
- Add keepalive_interval variable for bridges.
- Remove default topic subscription for mosquitto_sub because the old
behaviour was too confusing.
- Added a C client library, which the pub and sub clients now use.
- Added a C++ client library (bound to the C library).
- Added a Python client library (bound to the C library).
- Added CMake build scripts to allow the library and clients (not the broker)
to be compiled natively on Windows.
0.7 - 20100615
- mosquitto_pub can now send null (zero length) messages.
- Don't store QoS=0 messages for disconnected clients with subscriptions of
- accept() all available sockets when new clients are connecting, rather than
just one.
- Add option to print debug messages in pub and sub clients.
- hg revision is now exported via $SYS/broker/changeset
- Send Will when client exceeds keepalive timer and is disconnected.
- Check to see if a client has a will before sending it.
- Correctly deal with clients connecting with the same id multiple times.
- Add compile time option to disable heap memory tracking.
- Use poll() instead of select() to allow >1024 clients.
- Implement max_connections.
- Run VACUUM on in-memory database on receiving SIGUSR2.
- Fix bridge keepalive timeouts and reconnects.
- Don't attempt to drop root privileges when running on Windows as this isn't
well supported (bug #586231).
0.6.1 - 20100506
- Fix DB auto upgrade for messages table.
0.6 - 20100505
- Basic support for connecting multiple MQTT brokers together (bridging).
- mosquitto_sub can now subscribe to multiple topics (limited to a global QoS).
- mosquitto_pub can now send a file as a message.
- mosquitto_pub can now read all of stdin and send it as a message.
- mosquitto_pub can now read stdin and send each line as a message.
- mosquitto will now correctly run VACUUM on the persistent database on exit.
- Implement a more efficient database design, so that only one copy of each
message is held in the database, rather than one per subscribed client.
- Add the store_cleanup_interval config option for dealing with the internal
message store.
- Add support for disabling "clean session" for the sub client.
- Add support for automatic upgrading of the mosquitto DB from v1 to v2.
- Add persistence_file config option to allow changing the filename of the
persistence database. This allows multiple mosquitto DBs to be stored in the
same location whilst keeping persistence_location compatible with rsmb.
- Don't store QoS=0 messages for disconnected clients. Fixes bug #572608. This
wasn't correctly fixed in version 0.5.
- Don't disconnect clients if they send a PUBLISH with zero length payload
(bug #573610).
- If a retained message is received with a zero length payload, the retained
message for that topic is deleted.
- Send through zero length messages.
- Produce a warning on unsupported rsmb options instead of quitting.
- Describe clean session flag in the mqtt man page.
- Implement the max_inflight_messages and max_queued_messages features in the
0.5.4 - 20100311
- Fix memory allocation in mqtt3_fix_sub_topic() (bug #531861).
- Remove accidental limit of 100 client connections.
- Fix mosquitto_pub handling of messages with QoS>0 (bug #537061).
0.5.3 - 20100303
- Will messages are now only sent when a client disconnects unexpectedly.
- Fix all incoming topics/subscriptions that start with a / or contain
multiple / in a row (//).
- Do actually disconnect client when it sends an empty subscription/topic string.
- Add missing $SYS/broker/clients/total to man page.
0.5.2 - 20100302
- Always update last backup time, so that the backup doesn't run every time
through the main loop once autosave_interval has been reached.
- Report $SYS/broker/uptime in the same format as rsmb.
- Make mandatory options obvious in usage output and man page of mosquitto_pub.
Fixes bug #529990.
- Treat subscriptions with a trailing slash correctly. This should fix bugs
#530369 and #530099.
0.5.1 - 20100227
- Must daemonise before pid file is written.
0.5 - 20100227
- No longer store QoS=0 messages for disconnected clients that do not have
clean start set.
- Rename msg_timeout option to retry_interval for better rsmb compatibility.
- Change persistence behaviour. The database is now stored in memory even if
persistence is enabled. It is written to disk when mosquitto exits and also at
periodic intervals as defined by the new autosave_interval option.
- The writing of the persistence database may be forced by sending mosquitto
the SIGUSR1 signal.
- Clients that do not send CONNECT as their first command are now
- Boolean configuration values may now be specified with true/false as well as
- Log message on CONNECT with invalid protocol or protocol version.
- Default sqlite3-pcre path on Linux is now /usr/lib/sqlite3/ to match
future sqlite3-pcre packages.
- Add mosquitto_sub and mosquitto_pub, simple clients for subscribe/publish.
- Add man pages for clients.
- Add general man page on mqtt.
- Root privileges are now dropped only after attempting to write a pid file
(if configured). This means that the pid file can be written to /var/run/
directly and should fix bug #523183.
0.4.2 - 20100203
- Fix segfault on client connect with invalid protocol name/version.
0.4.1 - 20100112
- Fix regex used for finding retained messages to send on new subscription.
0.4 - 20100105
- Added support for wildcard subscriptions using + and #.
- All network operations are now non-blocking and can cope with partial
packets, meaning that networking should be a lot more reliable.
- Total messsages/bytes sent/received are now available in $SYS.
- Improved logging information - use client ip address and id instead of
socket number.
- Broker build timestamp is available in $SYS.
- Keepalive==0 is now correctly treated as "never disconnect".
- Fixed manpage installation.
- Fixed incorrect $SYS hierarchy locations in documentation and code.
- Debug type log messages are no longer sent to "topics".
- Default logging destination no longer includes "topics" to prevent possible
error logging to the db before it is initialised.
- Periodic $SYS messages can now be disabled.
- stdout and stderr are flushed when logging to them to give more timely
- dup is now set correctly when resending messages.
- Database format bumped due to topic column naming fix.
0.3 - 20091217
- The port option in the configuration file and --port command line argument
may now be given any number of times to make mosquitto listen on multiple
- Add new config file and command line option "interface" to specify an
interface to listen on, rather than all interfaces.
- Added host access control through tcp-wrappers support.
- Set SO_REUSEADDR on the listening socket so restart is much quicker.
- Added support for tracking current heap memory usage - this is published on
the topic "$SYS/broker/heap/current size"
- Added code for logging to stderr, stdout, syslog and topics.
- Added logging to numerous places - still plenty of scope for more.
0.2 - 20091204
- Replaced the command line option --foreground with --daemon, swapping the
default behaviour.
- Added the command line option --config-file, to specify a config file to
load. If this is not given, no config file is load and the default options
are used.
- Added the command line option --port for specifying the port to listen on.
This overrides values in the config file.
- Don't use persistence by default.
- Default behaviour is now more sane when run by a normal user with no command
line options (combination of above changes).
- Added option user to config file, defaulting to a value of mosquitto. If
this value isn't blank and mosquitto is started by root, then it will drop
privileges by changing to the user and its primary group. This replaces the
current behaviour of refusing to start if run by root.
- Fix non-persistent mode, which would never work in the previous release.
- Added information on default values of msg_timeout and sys_interval to the
mosquitto.conf man page. (closes bug #492045).