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The following packages are required for mosquitto:
* tcp-wrappers (optional, package name libwrap0-dev)
* openssl (version 1.0.0 or greater if TLS-PSK support is needed, can be disabled)
* c-ares (for DNS-SRV support, can be disabled)
* libuuid (from e2fsprogs, can be disabled)
* On Windows, the Redhat pthreads library is required if threading support is
to be included.
To compile, run "make", but also see the file for more details on the
various options that can be compiled in.
Where possible use the Makefiles to compile. This is particularly relevant for
the client libraries as symbol information will be included. Use cmake to
compile on Windows or Mac.
If you have any questions, problems or suggestions (particularly related to
installing on a more unusual device like a plug-computer) then please get in
touch using the details in readme.txt.