makefile tries to install from docs directory even when with_docs is turned off #184

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Hi, This is just a bit annoying, not really a big issue. I've been working around by just comment out this line 40 from makefile:

     38 install : mosquitto
     39         set -e; for d in ${DIRS}; do $(MAKE) -C $${d} install; done
     40         ##set -e; for d in ${DOCDIRS}; do $(MAKE) -C $${d} install; done
     41         $(INSTALL) -d ${DESTDIR}/etc/mosquitto

Or by surrounding the line with conditions:

 install : mosquitto
        set -e; for d in ${DIRS}; do $(MAKE) -C $${d} install; done
+ifeq ($(WITH_DOCS),yes)
        set -e; for d in ${DOCDIRS}; do $(MAKE) -C $${d} install; done
        $(INSTALL) -d ${DESTDIR}/etc/mosquitto

The reason I avoid building the docs is for fast turn-around time. I also turn off many other options. And avoid the lib and client directories since I only work on the websocket server part.

If this can be fixed from the source it may benefit other people too.


@ralight ralight added a commit that referenced this issue Jun 6, 2016
@ralight ralight [184] Don't attempt to install docs when WITH_DOCS=no.
Thanks to minghuadev.

Bug: #184
@ralight ralight added the build label Jun 6, 2016
@ralight ralight added this to the Fixes-next milestone Jun 6, 2016
@ralight ralight added the bug label Jun 6, 2016
ralight commented Jun 6, 2016

Thanks, that's fixed now.

@ralight ralight closed this Jun 6, 2016

Thank you very much for the quick response!

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