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Changelog {#changelog}

This changelog is meant as a quick & rough guide to what has changed between versions. The API is now fairly stable but when new calls/features are added they are listed here. Anything pre 0.2.x is ignored.


  • Multiple fixes to improve project security and reliability on newly added platforms
  • Removed Python 2 bindings and old node.js versions from CI
  • Added detection for latest RPi board versions
  • Fix for SPI frequency function not writing to file
  • Common mraa API can now return C error strings from MRAA error codes
  • Updated and extended installation instructions for some Linux distributions


  • New platforms UP Xtreme, IPi SMARC, ROCK PI 4, Raspberry Pi 4, Ultra96
  • Added support for chardev GPIO devices on Rock960
  • Introduced APIs to initialize GPIOs by name
  • Multiple fixes to address static tool scans and user submitted bug reports
  • Revised documentation to reflect project transfer to the Eclipse Foundation
  • Updated installation instructions for multiple distribution channels


  • New platforms IEI Tank, Ultra-96, Rock960, Hikey960, Dragonboard 820c
  • Added support for chardev GPIO devices with implementation on several boards
  • Added string based I/O initialization for simpler integration with other frameworks
  • Added GTest support for unit testing
  • Extended named LED device APIs allowing them to be listed during board definition
  • Removed packaging and CI for obsolete devkits
  • Multiple bug fixes and cmake improvements


  • Added support for RPi Zero W
  • Added support for MIPS based Omega2 and Linkit Smart 7688
  • New APIs for sysfs onboard LED control using the gpio-leds driver
  • Restructured and cleaned-up examples
  • Improved documentation generation and CI integration
  • Static analysis fixes, added SonarQube badge
  • Enhanced Node.js detection on some Linux distros (OpenSUSE)


  • Added Up2 support & grovePi subplatform support
  • Various improvements on 96board, rpi, beaglebone & Up boards
  • CMake 3.8+ improvements
  • Peripheral I/O improvements
  • Json platform improvements
  • Static analysis cleanup using SonarQube


  • Peripheral I/O support for Android Things
  • Deprecation of node v0.10.x and 0.12.x
  • Documentation improvements


  • mraa-deinit bug fix
  • rpi3 fix


  • de-10 nano board support
  • Improved Intel Joule support & renamed from GT_TUCHUCK to Joule
  • Improved RPI3 support
  • Fixes for UP, 96boards & phyboard-wega
  • Call mraa_deinit with a gcc destructor attribute


  • Small memleaks plugged
  • imraa useless arp statements removed
  • NPM 1.5.0 did not 100% match real 1.5.0 tag, this resolves this


  • imraa now uses argp, slight option changes, you need to use -a to flash a 101
  • Joule i2c enumeration much improved, uses pci id
  • Firmata add a spinlock to remove possible race condition
  • Mock Uart functionality


  • Add support for Siemens SIMATIC IOT2000
  • Cmake now enables much more error detection depending on compiler support
  • Mraa Maven packages now enabled
  • Galileo Gen2 AIO fix using pincmd
  • Adding an already added firmata platform now returns MRAA_SUCCESS
  • Cmake no longer tags builds without git as '-dirty' version.c for easier packaging support


  • Fix GT GPIO bugs
  • Mock SPI and travis now uses mock and tests it
  • RPI zero support


  • Revert 1.2.1 binding.gyp changed that had side effect of enabling JSONPLAT in mraa.c
  • improve to load mraa.node as compiled from make npmpkg target


  • remove jsonplat from prehashed npm builds (see docs/ for details)
  • internal spelling fix


  • Fix npm pkg build - no other fix


  • JSON platform support
  • mock I2c functionality
  • Intel Joule PWM fix
  • AIO firmata bug fix


  • Mock platform support
  • mraa-i2c treats i2c buses by default as linux
  • Intel Joule i2c fixes
  • travis now uses 14.04 instead of 12.04


  • IIO 4.6 kernel matrix support
  • Intel Joule radio led support
  • mraa_init_io() examples
  • fix python documentation


  • build python2 & python3 bindings
  • Intel Joule support
  • mraa_init_io() generic funtion
  • mraa-gpio fixes
  • edison PWM 0% improvements
  • iio location maping fix


  • Change API to enhance error checking in C. Changes include:
    • mraa_aio_read
    • mraa_i2c_read_byte
    • mraa_i2c_read
    • mraa_i2c_read_byte_data
    • mraa_i2c_read_word_data
    • mraa_spi_write_word
    • mraa::Spi:write_word becomes mraa::Spi::writeWord
  • Remove MRAA_ERROR_PLATFORM_ALREADY_INITIALISED which was deprecated for C89 compatibility
  • Remove pwm config_* apis as unused
  • Add mraa_remove_subplatform
  • Support NPM for android
  • Fix AIO always returning channel 0 with firmata support


  • Remove imraa from node package


  • Add Firmata support with -DFIRMATA=ON
  • Add imraa with support for pinmuxing and arduino101 flashing
  • Add better support for NVM installed node via NODE_ROOT_DIR.
  • Mraa bindings now link to
  • mraa_init() now returns MRAA_SUCCESS if platform is already initialize
  • Mraa java bindings now support JNI 1.6+
  • Added support for a02082 rpi2
  • Mraa has a logo!


  • ftdi ft4222 now dynamically loaded
  • FT4222 improved ISR code


  • Add support for the UP board (
  • Support OpenJDK 7 as well as OpenJDK 8
  • 96board better pin numbering
  • node v4 improvements
  • Support for PCA9555 i2c expander read/write on FT4222


  • Fix issue with edison ADC initilisation
  • documentation update


  • Intel edison detection much improved
  • ftdi ft4222 interrupt improvement
  • small fixes to java lib


  • Fix bug with mraa_init & USBPLAT
  • Add mraa_gpio_read_dir call
  • Enable cherryhill/braswell platform
  • Improved 96 board support


  • Minnowboard Turbot support
  • Change to java runables for ISR support
  • New platform version call
  • Default i2c bus on edison miniboard is now i2c-1
  • More compatibility with node.js versions > 0.10
  • New C++ get i2c default bus call
  • Various bug fixes & optimisations


  • Beta iio API in C & C++ (no SWIG support)
  • Added 96Board support
  • Added Brillo/Android support
  • Java ISR fixes
  • FT4222 gpio support


  • Nodejs 4.1.1 support
  • Java examples fixes
  • Nodejs SPI tweaks
  • Misc fixes


  • Better java support
  • Support for FT4222 subplatforms
  • New types.hpp improves C++ & SWIG APIs
  • Added support for minnowboard max compatible boards


  • 5th Generation NUC i2c support
  • NPM 0.10.x ia32 fix


  • Minnowboard i2c fix
  • Add NPM arm support
  • Uart initialisation improved
  • Better i2c bus detection on DE3815 & mmax


  • DE3815 i2c fix when using different kernels
  • Fixed various memory leaks in SWIG wrappers
  • gpio enums all prefixed with mraa_
  • Fix SPI CS pin caps causing mux_total to be > 0
  • Improved error checking/handling


  • Fix node.js npm builds with binding.gyp that didn't use --target-arch


  • Uart now uses binary arrays and has optional 'Str' functions in C++/SWIG
  • Various Uart module bugfixes
  • Node.js 0.12.4 support
  • Node.js documentation support


  • Uart module now contains read/write interactions and configuration
  • Python API contains more buffer checks
  • Java support
  • RPM cpack support


  • Node.js 0.12 support
  • NPM support
  • Formatting done with clang-format
  • Various examples and documentation updates
  • Supported added for Beaglebone Black + Banana Pi


  • 16bit spi iunctions added
  • Node.js ISR now supported


  • add device path queries for uart
  • add platform configuration querying
  • gpio sample added
  • improve i2c/spi write/read API for python & nodejs
  • performance improvements on edison & galileo


  • pwm read_* fix introduced in 0.5.3
  • improved npmpkg support


  • OE toolchain support added to CMake
  • Various UART fixes
  • SPI add CS exposure
  • Remove functions from mraa.c into modules
  • Rework of support for mmap
  • Intel Edison MMAP support added. Read and Write
  • I2C clean up, add cleaner functions
  • MinnowBoard Max support added
  • PWM period is written before duty
  • Node GYP build supported added
  • Add Get Platform Name function


  • pwm improvement & bugfix
  • spi mraa_spi_bit_per_word fix
  • new spi transfer function
  • i2c object api uses uint8_t
  • i2c readReg() calls added
  • edison i2c bus now defaults to a sensible value
  • edison uart enable support
  • edison hardware CS exposed as IO10
  • DE3815tykhe NUC support


  • Intel Edison - Mini breakout board support
  • Change to use syslog throughout instead of printing to stderr.
  • Fix misc issues brought up throuh coverity scans
  • Clear up Analog call documentation


  • Intel Edison - Arduino board support.
  • Boost Allowable i2c busses to 12
  • Additional platform hooks added
  • ADC is now 10bits by default on all platforms but can be changed


  • if only one spidev we default to it reguardless of number
  • mraa_pwm_config_ms & mraa_pwm_config_percent functions added
  • Uart C++ class added, adds python & node support
  • galileo gen2 gpio modes supported


  • prefix SPI mode with MRAA_SPI_
  • added C++ adc bitness calls


  • SPI Mode function now functional, API Change in SPI
  • I2C read in swig worked on.
  • Galileo Gen 2: PWM setting period sets all channel's period
  • Galileo Gen 2: I2C setup now specific to Gen 2.
  • General commits around freeing memory at the right times.


  • Barebone UART module added.
  • Hook branch merged.
  • I2C init hooks added.
  • Intel Galileo Gen 2, I2C gpio pins now go hiz input when I2C initialised.


  • Rename python & nodejs modules to mraa
  • common.hpp introduced for C++
  • python & nodejs modules can now take binary strings for Spi & I2c
  • improved Aio module and clear bitness
  • Improved Galileo Gen 2 support


  • Rename to mraa
  • get_platform_type function added.


  • Initial Intel Galileo Gen 2 support
  • mraa_gpio_isr parameters added.
  • Detection of different supported platforms added.


  • mraa_i2c_read now returns length of read


  • Add global mraa.h & mraa.hpp headers
  • usage of "gpio.h" is not legal you need to use "mraa/gpio.h" unless adding -L/usr/include/mraa


  • Added mraa_set_priority call
  • Added mmap gpio call mraa_gpio_use_mmaped


  • C++ API now uses basic types and not unistd types as C
  • Clearer and consistent use of unistd tpyes in C api


  • C++ examples added, using c++ headers/api.
  • moved to open instead of fopen in all modules
  • rename mraa_check functions and made them internal to mraa only.
  • removed "export" functions from api
  • Intel Galileo Gen 1 (rev d) fixes, incorrect definition of some items
  • SPI, implementation completed.
  • I2C internal function, completed.
  • PWM fix bug in period set method.
  • Swig upstream can be used for building.
  • No longer builds docs on default cmake, needs flag
  • GPIO/PWM ownership guard prevents closing on existing pins, still can be forced.


  • C++/Python/Node Enums/const names now do not contain MRAA_GPIO
  • Enum type declaration for C++ changed
  • Python/Node get_version() -> GetVersion()
  • i2c read calls don't use const char* and i2c write calls do


  • All mraa_ contexts now are pointers to the actual struct which is not delcared in the header. The only end user change is that instead of returning a type mraa_gpio_context pointer mraa_gpio_init() now returns a mraa_gpio_context (which is actually a pointer to struct _gpio internally).
  • C++ API is available, use the .hpp headers and add stdc++ to the linker flags.
  • Initial SPI implementation is provided


  • mraa_aio_read_u16() -> mraa_aio_read()
  • mraa_aio_read() now returns a uint16_t instead of an unsigned int


  • First version with API considered 'stable'