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IEI TANK AIoT Dev. Kit {#iei-tank}

TANK AIoT Dev. Kit features rich I/O and dual PCIe by 16 slots with by 8 signal for add-on card installation such as PoE (IPCEI-4POE) card or acceleration card (Mustang-F100-A10 & Mustang-V100-RX8) to enhance function and performance for various applications.

For the full specifications please visit the product page:

Interface notes

The MRAA platform file was developed using an IEI TANK-870-Q170 and may not be compatible with other TANK systems. 6 serial ports and 8 digital pins are available and can be controlled using MRAA on this system.


  • 4 x RS-232 (2 x RJ-45, 2 x DB-9 w/2.5KV isolation protection)
  • 2 x RS-232/422/485 (DB-9)


  • 8-bit digital I/O , 4-bit input / 4-bit output (DB9)

Pin Mapping

The GPIO numbering in MRAA is explained in the table below. To use the pins the gpio_f7188x Linux kernel module must be available and loaded.

MRAA Pin DB9 Pin Sysfs GPIO Function
0 1 4 DIN0
1 2 0 DOUT0
2 3 11 DIN1
3 4 1 DOUT1
4 5 12 DIN2
5 6 2 DOUT2
6 7 13 DIN3
7 8 3 DOUT3
8 9 +5V