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Eclipse OpenJ9 version 0.8 release notes

These release notes support the Eclipse OpenJ9 release plan.

Supported platforms

OpenJDK Version 8 binaries containing the Eclipse OpenJ9 virtual machine are supported with this release.

These binaries are available from the AdoptOpenJDK community. Builds are tested against the OpenJ9 functional verification (FV) test suite, the OpenJDK test suites, and additional tests at AdoptOpenJDK.

The following platforms are available:

Operating system Platform architecture Comments
Linux x86, IBM Power, IBM Z® Windows subsystem for Linux is not supported
AIX® IBM Power® Untested
Windows x86 Untested

Known Issues

The v0.8 release contains the following known issues and limitations:

Direct dump reader

Issue #378: The direct dump reader is currently not working, which has an impact on diagnosing problems with the VM, Garbage Collector, and the JIT. For example, issue #968.

Signal handling

Issue #54: Some signals are not being handled correctly by the VM. In particular, for CTRL-C or other signals that shutdown the VM, the shutdown hooks are not running. See Issue #378

Large Java heaps

Issue #479: The binaries available at AdoptOpenJDK are built only with the compressed references VM, which does not support Java heaps larger than 57 GB (or ~62 GB with command line options). When builds that contain the non-compressed references VM are available, this limitation will be removed. If you want to build a non-compressed references VM yourself, you can do so now by following our detailed build instructions.

Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) support

GPU acceleration with java.util.Arrays.sort() is not supported, although can be used directly.

Functional verification tests

The following issues relate to test failures:

Because some tests are not yet enabled, functional problems might not be exposed. In addition, some IBM authored functional verification testing is not yet contributed to Eclipse, such as issue #724.

API documentation

Some OpenJ9 extensions are missing, see issue #897.

Some OpenJ9 extensions are unsupported, see issue #898.

Shared libraries

Issue #17: OpenJ9 builds contain extra shared libraries. Some of these libraries are not needed and others are used only for test purposes.

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