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@pshipton pshipton released this Oct 16, 2019 · 642 commits to master since this release

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Release details:

Branch name: v0.17.0-release
Tag: openj9-0.17.0

Repo SHAs:

OpenJ9: 77c1cf7
OMR: 20db4fb

Security Vulnerabilities Resolved

For details about the release and release candidates, please see:

For the list of OMR changes see

OpenJ9 Changes

77c1cf7 (v0.17.0-release) Change API access modifier for DiagnosticUtils.executeDiagnosticCommand Jason Feng #7469
154e974 (0.17.0) Updated error handling for MethodHandle invocation Peter Shipton #7466
285966e (0.17.0) Update MH.asSpreader tests Jack Lu #7451
316ae83 (v0.17.0-release) Backport #7279 and #7313 Jason Feng #7418
b792a1b (v0.17.0) Add a javadoc comment to the jdk.jcmd module Peter Shipton #7424
2a775f5 (v0.17.0) Fix allowance for padding after lookupswitch bytecode Keith W. Campbell #7413
748ebb5 (v0.17.0) Fix unsafeHelper.m4 to use correct mov instruction. Hang Shao #7403
ec5c87d Updated error handling for MethodHandle invocation Jack Lu #7402
23b8b11 (v0.17.0) Always print out the layer number in the cache statistics. Hang Shao #7350
96a89da (v0.17.0) Adjust hook section in javacore files Keith W. Campbell #7346
cf6212a (v0.17.0) Preserve FPRs before calling JIT helper on Power AlenBadel #7321
b80ddb4 Fix hook starttime report issue due to timestamp precision change Lin Hu #7339
e2c341e v0.17.0: Indy error checking for null resolution Java 11+ Theresa Mammarella #7335
049fcca (v0.17.0) Fix handleStartupError() to return the result of deleting the cache and DDR shrc command Hang Shao #7326
e54a5ff (v0.17.0) Change printStats on Multi-layer caches. Hang Shao #7322
a119ac9 (v0.17.0) Make Unsafe constructor private to prevent instantiation Jason Feng #7314
9fd4d19 (v0.17.0) Add javadoc comments to openj9 modules Peter Shipton #7317
b48a6f6 (v0.17.0) Fix off-by-one issue in intrinsicIndexOfString* intrinsic on Z Filip Jeremic #7302
04bd5e4 (v0.17.0) Resetting dump statistics after event cedrichansen #7298
fef1a65 Fix AOT load failures (0.17.0) Marius Pirvu #7283
7d31e1f (0.17) Add wrapper to swap stack for jprofiler helpers Liqun Liu #7269
bb81f35 0.17.0: Disallow duplicate LocalVariableTypeTable entries Theresa Mammarella #7263
685f86e (v0.17.0-release) Refactoring the code in verifyQualifiedName Cheng Jin #7259
bd4cd9c (v0.17.0) Don't convert type in computeHash Dhruv Chopra #7230
76d8a39 (v0.17.0) Generate DDR pointer classes dynamically as appropriate Keith W. Campbell #7234
2f2441e (v0.17.0) Fix APIs that overwrite data in the shared cache Hang Shao #7213
d10b289 Modify the translated PII files in nls folder XiaojuanChen #7181
82609ef Adding libexpat1-dev package to dependency list simonameng #7159
0b89d31 New option to store unsafe classes on shared cache Jiahan Xi #7149
18580e3 Port j9methodServer from jitaas to master Harry Yu #7151
ad592a0 AArch64: Temporarily empty J9::Recompilation::getJittedBodyInfoFromPC() KONNO Kazuhiro #6937
535e903 AArch64: Add x18 to SAVE/RESTORE_PRESERVED_REGS KONNO Kazuhiro #7121
b3ebbcd Remove redundant recognized methods inlining code from the Power codegen Benjamin Thomas (Aviansie Ben) #7105
8631b37 Set custom SecurityManager constructor accessible flag Jason Feng #7116
f914d1f Skip Pre- and PostEscapeAnalysis if EA is not enabled Henry Zongaro #7142
ec0ec5d Remove unused portLibCall_sysinfo functions from VMJ9 KONNO Kazuhiro #7103
6e3b331 Fix build break with isPointerInSharedCache() in IProfiler.cpp KONNO Kazuhiro #7085
fc96d82 Update JITServer's IProfiler serialize API Harry Yu #7096
24a186b Update uses of getExistingJittedBodyInfo() Harry Yu #7108
0449f02 Work around compiler bug when reading SCC hints Younes Manton #7120
217b85d Round maxRequiredSize to match romSize calculation Theresa Mammarella #7104
1b35e0a Fixes for -XX:+ClassRelationshipVerifier implementation Sharon Wang #7148
b0e9913 Create resolved method with valid vtable offset Liqun Liu #6993
a76da00 Remove J9PPCArrayCmp.spp Benjamin Thomas (Aviansie Ben) #7106
262e3b0 Fix misnamed exports in zos native tests Devin Nakamura #7144
12ef37b Deprecate splitWarmAndColdBlocksPhase Filip Jeremic #7102
10ba6a6 Add semi-exhaustive intrinsicIndexOf* unit tests Filip Jeremic #7000
a68a665 Change the way to inline method handle chains Yi Zhang #6173
08a0c69 Inside getPrereqCache(), call setCorruptCache() if readOnly is false. Hang Shao #7114
64869b4 Fix tkg compilation issue when AUTO_DETECT=false Renfei Wang #7111
e60693e DDR: generalize return types of bitfield and SRP accessor methods Keith W. Campbell #7107
c9d84df Port JITServer j9method changes Harry Yu #7044
e7efe14 Fix compile warnings/errors Keith W. Campbell #7109
c4ce5a5 Changed the color of slack messages into grey for aborted jenkins jobs Jenny Chen #7098
57ec9be Merge JITServerHelpers to the master branch Annabelle Huo #7016
d37cdde Add -Xshareclasses:noPersistentDiskSpaceCheck option Peter Shipton #7001
e712c08 Implement functions to load/spill linkage registers for private linkage Daryl Maier #6976
8d99c64 Implement class relationship recording and validating Sharon Wang #7089
7fe5e31 Add an empty MethodHandle.customize() Jason Feng #7084
4c1fc14 Rename ffi assembly files from .S to .s on zos Devin Nakamura #7075
c4d0e51 Remove assert in Monitor Table Read Barrier Aleksandar Micic #7074
865f7a3 Enhance Artifactory Cleanup script to Slack on error Jenny Chen #7059
41cfba2 CMake: Add zos specific sources to j9util Devin Nakamura #7076
f0b728b CMake: update include paths for z/OS Devin Nakamura #7073
c370981 AArch64: Implement buildArgs() and buildDirectDispatch() in PrivateLinkage KONNO Kazuhiro #6664
077dc19 AArch64: Implement generateVFTMaskInstruction() KONNO Kazuhiro #7069
7899811 Merge common methods from JITServer ClassEnv and VM Annabelle Huo #7066
1648330 AArch64: Fix checks for MethodNotCompiledBit in PicBuilder.spp KONNO Kazuhiro #7070
6784494 JIT support for multi-layered SCCs Younes Manton #6723
da5a6a7 Remove references to non-existent SIMD methods Benjamin Thomas (Aviansie Ben) #7061
724f8fd Remove object pointer from Object Scanner Dmitri Pivkine #7048
e04eb4a AArch64: Update package URLs for cross-compilation. Akira Saitoh #7052
6646d8b Port JITServerIProfiler to master Harry Yu #6889
157c3d9 Add JCL support for multi-layer shared cache. Hang Shao #7017
6bd8f51 Fix incorrect J9Class sign extension James Kingdon #7003
bc32a12 Cmake: don't disable DDR for Java 11 Keith W. Campbell #7060
39f1a4a WIP: Remove j9mm_arraylet_identification GC API Robert Young #7046
d657426 AArch64: Fix asynccheckEvaluator() KONNO Kazuhiro #7025
68a7086 Port JITServerStatisticsThread to master branch Marius Pirvu #6977
f4b39c5 Port JITServer Iprofiler changes Harry Yu #6999
48a026b Revert "Enable XLC16.1 toolchain for AIX platforms" Peter Shipton #7042
867dab4 (v0.16.0) Lock the cache inside markItemStaleCheckMutex(). Hang Shao #7040
9514041 Lock the cache inside markItemStaleCheckMutex(). Hang Shao #7038
103c722 Enable XLC16.1 toolchain for AIX platforms Jackie Midroni #7034
fc4e03a (v0.16.0) Enable XLC 16.1 Clang-based toolchain for AIX platforms Violeta Sebe #7039
26a68a2 Fixed Jenkinsfile SPEC mapping Longyu Zhang #7027
029bb99 Enable XLC 16.1 Clang-based toolchain for AIX platforms Violeta Sebe #6584
3660a7b Merge JITServer getters/setters in CompilationInfo to master Annabelle Huo #6986
5a1fd45 Build jniargtests with system linkage Filip Jeremic #6614
d499be6 Use / instead of $(D) in lanxia #7014
b2e5ef8 Fix multiple bugs in TR_J9SharedCache::addHint() Marius Pirvu #7021
dc4bacd AArch64: Fix alignment of embedded address in PicBuilder.spp Akira Saitoh #7007
c577be8 v0.16.0: Fix StackMapTable verification Theresa Mammarella #7013
42e83eb master: Fix StackMapTable verification Theresa Mammarella #6989
d7d2ee3 AArch64: Correct method trampolines Akira Saitoh #7008
dde4b86 XX:[+-]DeepScan Options for Deep Scan Optimization Salman Rana #6379
b07109b Remove arraylet ifdefs, permanently enabling them Robert Young #6858
7abd14e Fix Option issue in TKGJ Renfei Wang #6997
92ad03e Build DDR test only if j9ddr.jar is present in JDK Keith W. Campbell #6994
3b93189 Use reflection to get cache layer from J9ShrOffset Hang Shao #6984
ad932c1 libffi: Fix bug in 31 bit calling convention Devin Nakamura #6946
460d12c Add special DDR field formatter for pointers to J9ConstantPool Keith W. Campbell #6956
f534ab7 Fix missing X11 header errors when building JDK11 on s390x Filip Jeremic #6996
5406fae Add stubs for Java 14 Unsafe methods Mike Zhang #6930
d6008b1 AArch64: Fix inconsistency in interface call KONNO Kazuhiro #6974
08e6d2a Add CUSTOM_TARGET in the rebuild links Renfei Wang #6978
6368e46 Make use of align utility simonameng #6944
31fcb40 (v0.16.0) Include special.system testing in the 0.16 release branch Peter Shipton #6980
77b3ec8 Include special.system tests for osx CR on JDK8 Peter Shipton #6970
de310ad Add grinder rebuild option in the end of test target Renfei Wang #6895
4a75577 Resynchronize the relocation header size table and introduce TR_MethodCallAddress relocation entry on Z Dhruv Chopra #6923
95163e6 Grab TR_J9SharedCache from AOT FE in sampling hook Younes Manton #6965
659d989 Modify the translated PII files in nls folder - 0905 XiaojuanChen #6973
6f35b6b AArch64: Correct wrtbarEvaluator Akira Saitoh #6902
c19e7a9 AArch64: Correct condition code of branch in BNDCHKEvaluator Akira Saitoh #6903
b418259 Add DDR support for multi-layer shared cache Hang Shao #6883
69b2871 Remove extra semi-colon in Jack Lu #6966
f4e57a1 AArch64: Add implementation of debug print function for StackCheckFailureSnippet Akira Saitoh #6941
407ecc0 AArch64: Add an InstructionDelegate function for a call to Label KONNO Kazuhiro #6958
4691105 Add attach API logs Jason Feng #6955
f6b0c00 (0.16.0) Add new Java 13 String methods Jack Lu #6954
11866e4 Fix stripIndent to include empty last line Jack Lu #6952
31fcc88 Improve Escape Analysis under OSR Henry Zongaro #5737
7af314c Revert "Enable z15 by default" (0.16.0) Filip Jeremic #6962
227a3c8 (V0.16.0) Avoid object corruption in Unsafe Graham Chapman #6961
c869077 Fix RAT hangs by avoiding double free in TR_PatchNOPedGuardSiteOnClas… (0.16.0) Filip Jeremic #6960
0457ea7 Fix RAT hangs by avoiding double free in TR_PatchNOPedGuardSiteOnClas… Filip Jeremic #6932
c9f6195 AArch64: Fix branch conditions for static method call KONNO Kazuhiro #6901
783a554 AArch64: Implement L_outOfRange in PicBuilder.spp KONNO Kazuhiro #6904
ec5d412 Don't access ROM class from RAM class directly Dhruv Chopra #6922
a7dbfa6 Use correct front end query when allocating VI Thunks Dhruv Chopra #6910
bf119d3 Delete unused variable assignment Yi Zhang #6957
26d31be Don't try to inline AtomicLong methods if classBlock is null Dhruv Chopra #6927
fc509ea Support signals needed by Jython Babneet Singh #6891
017f003 Avoid object corruption in Unsafe Graham Chapman #6950
1a4ef3a AArch64: Fix BRANCH_VIA_VMTHREAD macro KONNO Kazuhiro #6935
47a5ee2 AArch64: Fix _interfaceCallHelper KONNO Kazuhiro #6936
146228c Initial implementation of a J9 InstructionDelegate hierarchy Daryl Maier #6905
ed6c69f Throw NPE if receiver is NULL when calling a non-static method Keith W. Campbell #6949
916f5ac CMake: Enable DDR in travis builds Keith W. Campbell #6847
f3eb48a Minor Header Platform configuration change for z/TPF James D Johnston #6942
f8b5be5 Copy private linkage register indices to parameter symbols Daryl Maier #6916
6ac0ed1 Use correct query when adding TR_DataAddress relo records Dhruv Chopra #6929
72e3633 Branch to snippet unconditionally for array known to be discontiguous Henry Zongaro #6934
cc749fa Merge JITServer functionalities to MethodToBeCompiled Annabelle Huo #6892
e2e2145 Update the default format strings for NLS message Cheng Jin #6899
6928243 AArch64: Enable helper linkage call Akira Saitoh #6867
2eddd62 (v0.16.0-release) Skip package signer check for trusted system code Jason Feng #6915
347c34b Skip package signer check for trusted system code Jason Feng #6900
9b0a027 Branch to snippet unconditionally for array known to be discontiguous Henry Zongaro #6873
41b062d Check if array Class contain unflattened flattenables and set default values for unflattened fields Thomas Li #6695
262021a Port fixes and changes from the jitaas branch Younes Manton #6838
fc0de28 Remove reference to j9getuserid.h Devin Nakamura #6898
0fa1a19 AArch64: Implement ARM64PrivateLinkage::createEpilogue() KONNO Kazuhiro #6689
e6a873f Update the build script for bootstrapMethodArgumentTest Cheng Jin #6894
c49db01 Port JITClientSession changes to master Harry Yu #6850
c36f967 AArch64: Declare TR::ARM64PrivateLinkage::buildPrivateLinkageArgs() KONNO Kazuhiro #6877
baaec6d Add TR_J9VM::isSameOrSuperClass API Harry Yu #6872
29b4210 SIGKILL support added for Jython Babneet Singh #6876
1e8f0fa (v0.16.0) Restrict fixing simple name to JDK8 Mike Zhang #6886
4ca3021 Restrict fixing simple name to JDK8 Mike Zhang #6869
6032e38 Added reading base exclude file as backup Longyu Zhang #6784
68f7c95 Added fixup to nodes; nodes only referenced within one basic block Jacob Nauenberg #6881
0906251 Test cases for BoostrapMethod arguments CHENGJin #3428
029d19a v0.16.0: Add local variable size check with StackMapTable Theresa Mammarella #6880
fe0a74a master: Add local variable size check with StackMapTable Theresa Mammarella #6542
89cd21d v0.16.0: LocalVariable(Type)Table name index check Theresa Mammarella #6879
ba521c0 master: LocalVariable(Type)Table name index check Theresa Mammarella #6251
9b9aba7 Release notes to support 0.16 milestone 1 Sue Chaplain #6815
a63b706 Add new Java 13 String methods Jack Lu #6624
f4da66f Support solaris sparc9 platform Sophia Guo #6737
ec3459e Fixed interblock calling of nodes Jacob Nauenberg #6861
aa42393 Added aarch to pipeline platforms Colton Mills #6848
782a6fa Removed JAVA_VERSION in openj9 repo Longyu Zhang #6707
9de5255 AArch64: Initial version of debug print functions for snippets Akira Saitoh #6813

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