The Orion Java Server, "Your IDE in the Cloud"
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Orion is an open-source development platform focused on creating applications for the web, in the web.

The vision behind Orion is to move software development to the web by enabling open tool integration through HTTP and REST, JSON, OAuth, OpenID, and others. We exploit internet design principles throughout, allowing Orion to be easily run in the browser, locally and in Electron.

Great care has been taken to provide a world class web development experience, rather than to recreate the traditional desktop IDE experience in a browser tab.

Please refer to our project page for plan and overall project information, or head over to the wiki for even more information about Orion.


For complete details on getting the source and getting setup to develop Orion see the Orion wiki.

Bug reports and patches are welcome in bugzilla, you can also open pull requests directly against this repository.


This repository contains the Orion Java server, which is available under the Eclipse Public License.

How to build Orion using Maven

Install Maven:

Install latest Maven 3.0 from

Clone Git repositories:

Clone orion.client and orion.server under the same local folder

% cd /my/git/repos
% git clone
% git clone

Run Maven build:

% cd orion.server
% mvn clean install -P platform-kepler,local-build -DskipTests

Run the Orion server

% cd releng/org.eclipse.orion.server.repository/target/products/org.eclipse.orion/linux/gtk/x86_64/eclipse/
% ./orion

Now point your browser at http://localhost:8080 to start the Orion client

Eclipse Setup

Set target platform:

  • in Eclipse open the target definition org.eclipse.orion.server/releng/
  • click "Set as Target Platform"