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Contributing to Eclipse Package Drone

Thanks for your interest in this project!

The easiest way to contribute to this project is by reporting issues. Be sure to provide as much useful information as you can.

And of course you can propose contributions by sending pull requests through GitHub. Before you contribute code, please also read through the following section.

Legal considerations

Please read the Eclipse Foundation policy on accepting contributions via Git.

Your contribution cannot be accepted unless you have an Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement in place.

Here is the checklist for contributions to be acceptable:

  1. create an account at Eclipse, and
  2. add your GitHub user name in your account settings, and
  3. log into the projects portal and look for "Eclipse CLA", and
  4. ensure that you sign-off your Git commits, and
  5. ensure that you use the same email address as your Eclipse Foundation in commits.

Technical considerations

Again, check that your author email in commits is the same as your Eclipse Foundation account, and make sure that you sign-off every commit (git commit -s).

Do not make pull requests from your master branch, please use topic branches instead.

When submitting code, please make every effort to follow our coding guidelines in order to keep the code as homogeneous as possible.

Please provide meaningful commit messages.

Here is a sample good Git commit log message:

#123: Quick summary

This is a discussion of the change with details on the impact, limitations, etc.

Write just like if you were discussing with fellows :-)

Also-By: Somebody who also contributed parts of this code <>
Signed-off-by: Yourself <>

Finally, a contribution is not a good contribution unless it comes with unit tests, integration tests and documentation.

Social considerations

The more code you want to contribute the better for the project. But only if the changes to into the "right direction". Since that might be a very subjective definition, it is best to get into contact with the project first and code later.

Of course it is possible to use GitHub issues for new features and issues with the software. For any other way of contact see the main contact page or: