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The pom.xml in this project helps to assemble the .war files of the RAP demo projects. As a default it uses the p2 repositories that are created from the nightly RAP and RAP incubator builds (see below).

mvn -e clean verify

At the moment it generates three .war files that can be deployed in any web container: controls.war, rapdemo.war, workbench.war.

The RAP Examples Demo (rapdemo.war) requires bundles from additional projects. These bundles need to be compiled externally and added to the .war file manually.

Changing the default p2 repositories

The default build uses the nightly build from the RAP Runtime project and the nightly build of the RAP Incubator projects. This default behavior can be changed by setting the properties rap-repo.url and rap-incubator-repo.url.

Example with RAP 3.0 and RAP Incubator builds for 3.0:

mvn -e \
  -Drap-repo.url= \
  -Drap-incubator-repo.url= \
  clean verify