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Source Code

The source code of Eclipse SmartHome™ is available in our GitHub repository.

Binary Artifacts

Since Eclipse SmartHome™ is not a solution by itself, we do not offer any ready-to-run downloadable artifact. The binary build of Eclipse SmartHome consists out of OSGi bundles that are provided through p2 and Maven repositories.

Besides the runtime bundles, Eclipse SmartHome comes with the "Designer", which is an Eclipse RCP application. The Designer is a tool for textual configuration of a runtime. You only need it, if your solution makes use of the textual configuration support of Eclipse SmartHome.


The latest release of Eclipse SmartHome is 0.8, released on June 15, 2016. For details, please check out the Release Notes. You can download it here:

| Maven repository | | | p2 repository | (download as zip) |

Designer downloads (platform-specific):


You can find nightly snapshot builds of the Eclipse SmartHome features and bundles at Every couple of days, we also provide a stable build, so if you want use snapshot builds, but a lower update frequency, go for

Designer downloads (platform-specific):


The 0.7.0 release can be found here:

| Maven repository | | | p2 repository | (download as zip) |

Designer downloads (platform-specific):