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Eclipse SUMO is an open source, highly portable, microscopic and continuous road traffic simulation package designed to handle large road networks. It allows for intermodal simulation including pedestrians and comes with a large set of tools for scenario creation.
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Eclipse SUMO - Simulation of Urban MObility

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What is SUMO

"Simulation of Urban MObility" (SUMO) is an open source, highly portable, microscopic traffic simulation package designed to handle large road networks and different modes of transport.

It is mainly developed by employees of the Institute of Transportation Systems at the German Aerospace Center.

Where to get it

You can download SUMO via our downloads site.

As the program is still under development and is extended continuously, we advice you to use the latest sources from our GitHub repository. Using a command line client the following command should work:

    git clone --recursive


To stay informed, we have a mailing list for SUMO you can subscribe to. Messages to the list can be sent to SUMO announcements will be made through the list; you can subscribe to as well. For further contact information have a look at the this page.

Build and Installation

For Windows we provide pre-compiled binaries and CMake files to generate Visual Studio projects. If you want to develop under Windows, please also clone the dependent libraries using

    git clone --recursive

Using Linux you should have a look whether your distribution already contains sumo. There is also a ppa for ubuntu users and an open build service instance. If you want to build yourself, the steps for ubuntu are:

    sudo apt-get install cmake python g++ libxerces-c-dev libfox-1.6-dev libgdal-dev libproj-dev libgl2ps-dev swig
    cd <SUMO_DIR> # please insert the correct directory name here
    export SUMO_HOME="$PWD"
    mkdir build/cmake-build && cd build/cmake-build
    cmake ../..
    make -j$(nproc)

For detailed build instructions have a look at our Documentation.

Getting started

To get started with SUMO, take a look at the docs/tutorial and examples directories, which contain some example networks with routing data and configuration files. There is also user documentation provided in the docs/ directory and on the homepage.


Please use for bugs and requests the GitHub bug tracking tool or file them to the list Before filing a bug, please consider to check with a current repository checkout whether the problem has already been fixed.

We welcome patches, pull requests and other contributions! For details see our contribution guidelines.


SUMO is licensed under the Eclipse Public License Version 2. For the licenses of the different libraries and supplementary code information is in the subdirectories and the Documentation.

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