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Eclipse tm4e - TextMate and language-configuration support for Java and in Eclipse IDE

TM4E brings Java API to tokenize textual documents according to TextMate grammars with an Eclipse IDE client that can do syntax highlighting according to this tokenization; and Eclipse IDE client for VSCode Language Configuration to support matching bracket, auto close, on enter support.

tm4e is an official project so it conforms to typical requirements and guarantees.

📥 Install

in Eclipse IDE or RCP applications

You can install tm4e with the update site TM4E is usually installed together with its consumers, so end-user should usually not need to directly install it.

as a Java API with Maven

[more information coming soon]

⌨️ Code

The following class and modules should be used as entry point provides:

Here a sample with TypeScript:

TypeScript Editor

👪 Who is using tm4e?

Here are some projects that use tm4e:

  • Eclipse IDE languages and frameworks integrations ** Eclipse Corrosion Rust development tools in Eclipse IDE. ** Eclipse aCute C# edition in Eclipse IDE. ** Eclipse Wild Web Developer a simple and productive Web Development Tools in the Eclipse IDE. ** Eclipse ShellWax is a rich Bash script editor in the Eclipse IDE. ** LiClipseText enables Eclipse to be used as a general-purpose text editor, providing support for several languages out of the box. ** (Deprecated) TypeScript IDE for Eclipse with JSDT & tsserver. ** EditorConfig for Eclipse EditorConfig for Eclipse with GenericEditor. ** Phaser Editor 2D An IDE for the creation of HTML5 games. ** Solargraph Ruby edition in Eclipse IDE. ** Dartboard Dart language support in the Eclipse IDE.
  • Apache NetBeans is a multi-language IDE written in Java and uses TM4E core parts to support syntax highlighting based on TextMate grammars

👷 Get support and contribute

  • License and community: tm4e is a community open-source project licensed under the Eclipse Public License 1.0.
  • Support: You can ask (and answer!) questions, report bugs, and request features using GitHub issues.
  • Git: This eclipse/tm4e repository is the reference repository to contribute to tm4e
  • Build: build can be performed with a simple mvn clean verify, continuous integration and deployment is performed by CI jobs at
  • Continuous testing, integration and deployment is performed by CI jobs at
  • Developers mailing-list: Contributors are also expected to subscribe the tm4e-dev mailing-list.
  • Becoming a committer: as usual with projects, anyone who's made significant contributions and who's upheld quality standards alongside good judgement and open-mindedness.
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