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Dynamic Enterprise Application Platform project repository (virgo.web)
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org.eclipse.virgo.web.core Fixes resource leak(s) in JUnit test
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.appdeployer bug 474669: JNDI lookup for CDI BeanManager is now possible.
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.catalina.fragment.webbeans 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.javax.persistence.extension Adds suppress raw types in test stub implementing genericless javax.p…
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.javax.persistence.provider.initializer Removes eclipse file(s) 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openejb.fragment.bval 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openejb.fragment.jotm 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openejb.fragment.jpa 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openejb.fragment.webbeans 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openejb.tomcat.factory Reworks inner test classes to static inner classes
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.openwebbeans.initialiser Removes eclipse file(s)
org.eclipse.virgo.web.enterprise.persistence.openejb.classloading.hook Removes autogenerated TODOs Removes autogenerated TODOs Removes eclipse file(s) Adds generic parameter <Object> to avoid warnings bug 474608: Introduced a negative cache. Do not communicate with exce…
org.eclipse.virgo.web.spring.integration 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.test 463462 - Switches to Gradle build 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
org.eclipse.virgo.web.tomcat Fix the virgo version in tomcat.plan
org.eclipse.virgo.web.war.deployer Code cleanup - removes unused metho, findbugs warning RCN_REDUNDANT_N…
test-apps Removes eclipse file(s)
virgo-build @ b3513e2
.gitignore 463462 - Switches to Gradle build
.gitmodules Revert "Updating the virgo-build submodule to use https instead of git" Added file
build.gradle 351868 - fixes missing mock call getEnvironment() after upgrading to … Increase the version from 3.6.0 to 3.7.0
build.versions bug 474698, bug 474701: New version for org.apache.openejb.core bundle.
java6-server.profile version changes in test profile
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