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VJET provides many features for JavaScript developers:

Code Assistance
Code Search
Syntax and Semantic Checking
Type Declarations using VJETDoc

Learn more about VJET Js IDE here -

VJET repository consists of the following components:
  1. VJET core - 
		a. Jst Typespace provides indexing and queryies for all JavaScript types.
		b. JST a metadata model that works with VJET VJO, Free form JavaScript and VJET Doc
		c. Browser SDK - Java interfaces and annotations for describing the multiple browser JavaScript apis 
		d. Browser Dom syncing.
		e. JSDT forked AST parser minus Eclipse resource dependencies or JSDT inference engine.
		f. Vjo Generator - a generator for generating VJET vjo from a Jst model
		g. Java to Js generator translates Java from Eclipse JDT parser and translates the Java to JstType which is then generated into JS using Vjo Generator.

  2. VJET eclipse - The VJET IDE for eclipse 
		a. DLTK extension points
		b. VJET selection engine
		c. VJET editor
		d. JST to DLTK light weight model translator.
		e. VJET debug Rhino server
		f. VJET debug integration with JDT debugger.
		g. VJET type space viewer for Eclipse
		h. VJET Script unit viewer for viewing the JstType and additional data in Script Unit
		i. VJET AST View which shows the original AST and recovered AST models. 
		j. VJET help - Eclipse help, cheatsheets.
		k. VJET WTP HTML editor integration.
		l. VJET VJETV a headless application that can validation javascript syntax and semantics.
		m. VJET launching - a way to launch javascript applications in multiple ways.
  3. VJET vjo - A JavaScript library for constructing types for runtime and authoring time.
		a. vjo.ctype - class
		b. vjo.otype - object literal type
		c. vjo.mtype - mixin type
		d. vjo.itype - interface type
		e. vjo.etype - enum type
		f. vjo.ftype - function type
  4. VJET typelibs - this is deprecated and has it's own repository.
		.. plese see this repo -
  5. VJET dependencies - p2 repo for building Eclipse workspace.
		a. test framework
		b. utilities required to run VJET JS IDE.
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