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Guide to contributing

Please read this if you intend to contribute to the project.

Legal stuff

Apologies in advance for the extra work required here - this is necessary to comply with the Eclipse Foundation's strict IP policy.

Please also read this

In order for any contributions to be accepted you MUST do the following things.

  • Sign the Eclipse Foundation Contributor License Agreement. To sign the Eclipse CLA you need to:

    • Obtain an Eclipse Foundation userid. Anyone who currently uses Eclipse Bugzilla or Gerrit systems already has one of those. If you don’t, you need to register.

    • Login into the projects portal, select “My Account”, and then the “Contributor License Agreement” tab.

  • Add your github username in your Eclipse Foundation account settings. Log in it to Eclipse and go to account settings.

  • "Sign-off" your commits

Every commit you make in your patch or pull request MUST be "signed off".

You do this by adding the -s flag when you make the commit(s), e.g.

git commit -s -m "Shave the yak some more"

Making your changes

  • Fork the repository on GitHub
  • Create a new branch for your changes
  • Make your changes
  • Make sure you include tests
  • Make sure the test suite passes after your changes
  • Commit your changes into that branch
  • Use descriptive and meaningful commit messages
  • If you have a lot of commits squash them into a single commit
  • Make sure you use the -s flag when committing as explained above.
  • Push your changes to your branch in your forked repository

Submitting the changes

Submit a pull request via the normal GitHub UI.

After submitting

  • Do not use your branch for any other development, otherwise further changes that you make will be visible in the PR.