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Simple and productive Web Development Tools in the Eclipse IDE
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Eclipse Wild Web Developer : 🌐 Web dev in Eclipse IDE 🌘

Eclipse Wild Web Developer enables simple and rich edition of typical main web and configuration files (HTML, CSS, JS, TS, JSon, YAML, XML -with schema support-) and debugging of Node.js apps in the Eclipse IDE.

Supported file formats for edition:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript (EcmaScript 9)
  • TypeScript 3.3
  • JSon (including schema support)
  • Yaml (including schema support, Kubernetes schema built-in)
  • XML (including schema support), XSL, XSD, DTD

Supported frameworks (file specialization) for edition:

  • Kubernetes

Supported feature for edition are

  • Validation (diagnostics, markers)
  • Code Completion
  • Hover
  • Outline
  • Rename refactoring
  • Jump to declaration
  • Find references
  • Color preview
  • ... and other features part of the Language Server Protocol

Supported debugging target

  • Node.js

Wild Web Developer is based on the Eclipse Generic Editor framework from Eclipse Platform, LSP4E and TM4E in order to provide editors based on TextMate grammars, VSCode Language Server, xml-languageserver and yaml-language servers from Red Hat; and on Eclipse Debug stack, LSP4E Debug Adapter Protocol support and VSCode Node Debug Adapter to provide debugging.


⬇️ Installation

Install into Eclipse IDE (pick one way or another):

In an Eclipse target platform definition:

⌨️ Get involved

Community support is currently available via GitHub issues.

Contribution of Code and Documentation are welcome as GitHub Pull Request.

Continuous integration is available on

Quality analysis is available on SonarCloud.

🎬 Video Library

▶️ [Mar 2019] Demo of YAML editor support:

▶️ [Feb 2019] Demo of XML editor support:

▶️ [Apr 2017] (old) demo

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