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Stop removing artifact-local references during import

The import process used to remove artifact references to local files stored inside the artifact.
This implies that during runtime the artifact references attached to a TArtifactTemplate obtained
from an IRepository are not necessarily the references that would be stored in the exported version.

That behaviour would require adjustments for the deployment process of a CSAR that duplicate the
code used during export and for unit testing within the winery (cf. BackendUtils#synchronizeReferences).
It's cleaner to allow the ArtifactReference information to be generally applicable instead of
working around the current behaviour.

Signed-off-by: Clemens Lieb <>
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Vogel612 committed Nov 14, 2019
1 parent 95da72e commit f8a9c22b827b012ddfeb0d05234fc1ea7e5bdc37
@@ -838,9 +838,6 @@ private void adjustArtifactTemplate(Path rootPath, TOSCAMetaFile tmf, ArtifactTe

// we remove the current element as it will be handled during the export

Path path = rootPath.resolve(reference);
if (!Files.exists(path)) {
errors.add(String.format("Reference %1$s not found", reference));

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