Eclipse Xtext™ is a language development framework
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Eclipse Xtext™

Eclipse Xtext is a framework for development of programming languages and domain specific languages. It covers all aspects of a complete language infrastructure, from parsers, over linker, compiler or interpreter to fully-blown top-notch IDE integration for Eclipse, IntelliJ and Web-based IDEs. It comes with great defaults for all these aspects, which at the same time can be easily tailored to your individual needs.

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This repository contains the website and documentation of Xtext, which is tracked in the website-published branch. The actual Xtext code is available in the following modules:

Please check the individual repositories for instructions for building and contributing.

Quick Access

Developer Resources

  • Contributing: report bugs, setup your workspace, submit your changes, etc.
  • Quality Guidelines: how to craft high-quality code changes, commits and pull-requests.
  • Builds: details about the build infrastructure and release process.