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Eclipse Labs

Eclipse Labs is a community of open source projects that build technology based on the Eclipse platform. It provides the infrastructure services typically required by open source projects, such as code repositories, bug tracking, project web sites/wiki.

Eclipse Labs projects are not official Eclipse Foundation projects. Eclipse Labs projects are not hosted by the Eclipse Foundation and do not have to follow the Eclipse Foundation development and intellectual property policies.

There are a number of things Eclipse Labs projects can not do since they are not official Eclipse Foundation projects, including 1) include the word Eclipse in their name, 2) use the org.eclipse namespace for their bundles names, or 3) participate in the annual Eclipse release trains, unless they are included in an official Eclipse project.

Please see Eclipse Labs FAQ

Adding Your Project

To add your existing GitHub repository as an Eclipse Labs project, open an issue against this repository and one of our administrators will guide you through the process.


Eclipse® is a registered Trademark of the Eclipse Foundation, Inc.

Please see the Guidelines for Eclipse Logos & Trademarks.