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Passerelle is a component-based solution assembly suite, developed and distributed by iSencia Belgium since 2002. It comes with an execution engine, actor development API, reusable actor libraries and model design IDE.

It is based on an integration and on extensions of Ptolemy II (Univ. Berkeley), OSGi / Equinox & other OS libraries.

Passerelle is already used for several years in “production-mode” at different sites. E.g. at Proximus, the leading Belgian telecom provider for its automated diagnostic engine for repair and customer support, based on integration with JBoss Drools, at Synchrotron Soleil for control and data acquisition for experiments on beamlines, based on integration with the Tango control system, at ESRF and EMBL as part of their automated control, acquisition and analysis pipelines on the MASSIF & other MX beamlines.

The main deliverable of this open source project is the actual Passerelle core engine, integrated in a graphical editor and execution environment and delivered as a set of OSGi bundles and Eclipse plugins together with a prepackaged eclipse RCP application.

You may also be interested in Triquetrum, with its sources also hosted at Github. Triquetrum is the next generation of Passerelle, focusing on the integration of Ptolemy II in an Eclipse & OSGi stack. It is an official Eclipse project, setup within the Eclipse Science WG.

Remark that Passerelle remains in active usage at iSencia and its installation sites. But development focuses more on extensions and adaptations outside of the core.


Passerelle, an actor-based process engine based on Ptolemy II



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