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Developer guides

RepositoryStructure : a short overview of the project structure in the Passerelle repository.

BuildingFromSource : how to do a cmd-line Maven build of Passerelle.

SettingUpYourWorkspace : for those who would like to contribute!

Links & References

Some of the stuff used in Passerelle :

Ptolemy II : the platform for actor-based solutions for hybrid modeling in Java.

OSGi : besides Ptolemy, the second most important element of Passerelle's software architecture

eclipse : our IDE and RCP platform

Eclipse's equinox : the OSGi implementation on which Passerelle is based

Apache Commons : Passerelle uses many libraries from Apache Commons, such as Collections, IO, HTTP Client, Lang, Net etc.

JDOM : our preferred XML API

SLF4J : our preferred logging API

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