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che-website website mirror

Contribute with the devfile

Use the factory url

This factory will start che and clone the repo che-website.

On the right side My workspace view, you can start to preview the website with the task start che-website (F1=>run task => start che-website) Open the port 80 and the link as suggested. Click on che/. You can then make your changes on the files in /projects/che-website/che

You will notice that a /projects/che symbolic link has been added. This is to have the apache server having the right root folder while navigating.

You can commit with Theia git view or the terminal (with the git container). Create a dedicated branch and a fork if you are not commiter. In any case, you will need to create a Pull Request.

Note that before your contribution can be accepted by the project, you need to electronically sign the Eclipse Contributor Agreement (ECA).

Also, your commit should be signed-off. For instance, in command line with the -s option:

$ git commit -s -m "Auto share multiple projects in single job"

Updating the website

Once your PR is merged, we have jobs at that will update the site. It may take few hours.

Che documentation ?

The Che documentation is not included. We merge the site and the doc afterwards in our ci. To contribute to the doc:

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