The Graphical Language Server Framework provides extensible components to enable editable diagrams in web-applications
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Graphical Language Server Protocol Framework Build Status

The Graphical Language Server Protocol Framework provides extensible components to enable the development of diagram editors including edit functionality in (distributed) web-applications via a client-server protocol. This Graphical Language Server Protocol (GLSP) is work in progress and developed in collaboration among TypeFox, Obeo, and EclipseSource. It follows the same architectural pattern as the Language Server Protocol for textual languages, but applies it to graphical modeling for browser/cloud-based deployments. The protocol as well as the client implementation is heavily based on Sprotty but extends it with editing functionality and GLSP-specific communication with the server.

Below is a screenshot of a small example diagram being edited in the GLSP client, as well as the server log printing the GLSP actions processed on the server during the current editing session. Click on the image below to see it in action.

Screenshot of GLSP Client with Server Log

Getting started


You’ll need node in version 8:

curl -o- | bash
nvm install 8

and yarn

npm install -g yarn

and lerna

npm install -g lerna

Cloning the repository

It's recommended to clone the repository recursively. Otherwise submodules have to be cloned and initialized separatly

git clone --recursive
cd graphical-lsp

Building the client components

cd client

Building the server components

cd server
mvn clean install

1. Starting the GLSP Server

The example server can be started by executing the main method of the class (server/examaples/workflow-example)

2. Starting the theia client

cd client/examples/browser-app
yarn start

and then open http://localhost:3000 in the browser.

Testing the example

The example workspace should be opend automatically on Theia launch. This workspace constains the file "". You can display this file in the Workflow Digram editor via context menu (Open with -> Workflow Diagram)

Contributing to the Graphical LSP project

We'd be thrilled to receive your contribution! Please feel free to open issues, fork this repo, and/or open pull requests. Note that we will ask you to sign a CLA to ensure all contributions can be distributed under the terms of the following open-source licenses: Apache License 2.0, BSD 2/3 License, MIT License, and Eclipse Public License v2.0.

Tips & Tricks

Typescript MonoRepo Import Fixer

This repository is a lerna mono repository which means that VS Code might have some troubles to correctly auto-generate import statements. It's recommended to install the "Typescript MonoRepo Import Fixer" extension.

Launch VS Code
Open the "Quick Open" Window (ctrl + p)

Paste the following commmand and press enter

ext install q.typescript-mono-repo-import-helper