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JSONForms Tooling Yeoman Generator

This Yeoman Generator brings you all the functions of the tooling to your terminal. Within the terminal you can:

  • Create a ready to go JSONForms project
  • Create an example project
  • Create an seed project
  • Generate your basic UI Schema from your Schema

Get Started

Note: The package is currently not published to the npm store, which will make the installation a lot easier.

  1. First you need to install yeoman via npm i -g yo
  2. Next install the yeoman jsonforms generator via npm i -g generator-jsonforms
  3. Now the generator is available for yeoman
  4. To run, just type yo jsonforms

If you want to avoid the interface, you can use the following parameters:


This name will be used inside the package.json. (Default: jsonforms-react-seed) Note! Only a url like schema is allowed here (e.g. no uppercase characters, no whitespaces etc.)


yo jsonforms --name "my-project"


Enter the path where you want to install the project. (Default: current working directory + the name of the project)


yo jsonforms --path "~/Documents/Project/Seed"

Schema Path

Enter the path where the JSON schema is located. If not provided, a default schema will be used.


yo jsonforms --schemaPath "~/MyProject/schema.json"

All together

If parameters are missing, yeoman will still ask you for them via the yeoman terminal gui.


yo jsonforms --path "~/Documents/Project/Seed" --schemaPath "~/MyProject/schema.json" --name "my-project"
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