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Make it Happen Example for JSON Forms
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Make it Happen Example

Make it Happen Example for JSON Forms

Getting Started

To get you started, you can simply clone this repository and install all necessary dependencies.


You need git to clone the MiHexample repository. You can get git from

We also use a number of node.js tools to initialize and test MiHexample. You must have node.js and its package manager (npm) installed. You can get them from

Install Dependencies

We have two kinds of dependencies in this project: tools and angular framework code. The tools help us manage and test the application.

We get the tools we depend upon via npm, the [node package manager][npm].

npm install

You should find that you have a new folder in your project:

  • node_modules - contains the npm packages for the tools we need and the angular framework files

Run the Application

We have preconfigured the project with a simple development web server. The simplest way to start this server is:

npm start

Now browse to the app at http://localhost:8123/.