Examples that show how to build a .war file from a RAP application with different build systems
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== RAP build examples ==

This repository contains different examples regarding the build process of a RAP application.
With "build process" we mean compiling a RAP application and packaging it into a deployable
WAR file in an automated or manual  way.

Currently these build systems are covered:

* Tycho - http://eclipse.org/tycho
* PDE Build - http://eclipse.org/pde/pde-build
* WAR Products Tooling - http://wiki.eclipse.org/RAP/Equinox_WAR_products

=== Usage ===

* Read the README files in the appropriate folders.

=== Support ===

If you run into problems please use the RAP newsgroup to get help:

=== Further information ===


=== License ===

All files are published under the terms of the Eclipse Public License v1.0