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(PoC) Integration of Papyrus GEFx as a GLSP Server
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Papyrus GEFx & GLSP (PoC) Integration

Example integration of an Eclipse/Papyrus/GEFx Server in GLSP.

This project also provides a simple (generic) GLSP Client

This is a proof-of-concept on how to integrate existing diagram technologies with the Graphical Language Server Protocol, to quickly get started with Web-based Diagrams.

This project depends on (and integrates):

Indirect dependencies include:

The current version supports Opening and displaying a simple Papyrus-GEFx Diagram (e.g. Papyrus UML Class Diagram), and to Create, Move or Resize nodes in that diagram.

Because this project is a Proof of Concept, integrating 2 incubating components, there are many limitations making it unusable in practice. Especially, Papyrus-GEFx doesn't support headless runtime yet, which means the server can only be started from a complete Eclipse IDE Application.

Styling is not supported yet

Side-by-side comparison (Left: Web-based GLSP client; right: Papyrus-GEFx GLSP Server, started in the Eclipse IDE):

GLSP Client and Papyrus-GEFx Server

How to build


The build requirements (Node, Yarn, Lerna...) are similar to GLSP; see

Once all the required tools are installed, you can build the client with:

cd ~Git/papyrus-gefx-glsp/client

And then start the client application with:

cd papyrus-gefx/browser-app
yarn start


cd ~Git/papyrus-gefx-glsp/server
mvn clean verify

The project currently doesn't provide any installable feature and can only be used from PDE

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