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Papyrus Sequence Diagrams Build Status


At this point, only a nightly built test version is provided. The nightly version can be installed from the following p2 repository:

Developer information

This section provides information for developers, such as the project structure, how to set up tests, and how to build.

Project structure

The project is structured in four folders.

  • features contains the p2 features as well as the p2 repository configurations.
  • plugins hosts all plug-ins. Find out more about the plug-in architecture.
  • releng encompasses all artifacts related to release engineering, such as the target platform and the maven parent.
  • tests contains the test plug-ins. Please see below to find out more about the test configuration.

Workspace set up

It should be sufficient to import this git repository into EGit and set the [releng/org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.diagram.sequence.targetplatform/](target platform).


Test plug-ins must be located in the folder tests. During the build, every Java class named * or * will be compiled and verified. If no running workbench is required, please call your test class * If a workbench is required, name your test class * The maven configuration in folder tests will run your test accordingly, i.e., with or without running the workbench and enabling the UI harness.


Run the following command from the repository root:

mvn -f releng/org.eclipse.papyrus.uml.diagram.sequence.releng/pom.xml clean verify