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Support for simple client-side event handling
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Differences of experimental branch to eclipse incubator master:

  • None of the changes June 2006 (including Paint support)
  • widget proxy has it's protocol id in user-data (not API)
  • Allow a Map as a optional parameter for ClientListener (previously EventBinding)
    • Map may (currently) contain instances of Widget, Integer, String or JavaFunction (part of CS)
    • Values of map are put into into local scope of client function (like "var = xxx;")
    • Actual local variables declared in javascript code are not overwritten
    • Was previousy attached to "this" object of client function. (That's why it's still called "context")
    • JavaFunction currently not supporting parameters or return value
  • Single sourcing helper "" introduced
    • Uses reflection to turn a POJO into Map, only private fields and methods allowed
    • Listener must implement "getClientImpl" and should implement "handleEvent" (though it is ignored in RAP)
    • SWT version in bundle "org.eclipse.rap.clientscripting.swt"
    • NOT implemented: Server-Client sync for fields
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