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Tabris Cordova Test


If you haven't done so already, install the Tabris CLI on your machine:

npm i tabris-cli -g

Then in the project directory, type:

npm start

Or choose "npm: start" from the Visual Studio Code task runner to make compile errors appear in the "Problems" view.

This will start a Tabris.js code server at a free port and print its URL to the console. The app code can then be side-loaded in the developer app by entering that URL.

Alternatively you can also call the Tabris CLI directly:

tabris serve -a -w

This the same as running npm start. The -w switch starts the compiler in watch mode, meaning you do not have to re-start the server after each code change, and -a causes the app to reload automatically as well.


This project includes a TSLint configuration that helps preventing common mistakes in your code. Most IDEs can display TSLint-based hints directly in the editor, but you can also run the tool explicitly via:

npm test

This will also check for compile errors.

The initial rules defined in tslint.json are supposed to warn against problematic patterns, but do not enforce a specific code style. You may want to adjust them according to your taste.


The app can be built using the online build service at or locally using Tabris.js CLI.

See Building a Tabris.js App for more information.

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