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Hello World example for Tabris.js

This is a simple Hello World app written in Tabris.js. Its main purpose is to illustrate the different ways to build a Tabris.js app.

Tabris.js Build Service

The easist way to build a Tabris.js app is to place it in a public GitHub repository and then use the build service available on

Android Build on Travis

This project is built on Travis CI. The .travis.yml defines what happens during that build. You can use the file as a template to build your own Tabris.js apps on Travis. Just place a copy of the .travis.yml in the root folder of your own Tabris.js project.

Android Build with Docker

This project contains a Dockerfile that describes an Android build environment. If you have Docker installed you can create an Android .apk file for this Hello World app without installing an Android SDK. This makes it very convenient to perform builds on your development machine or in a CI system. Just follow these two steps:

  1. create the Docker image
  2. start a build (using that image)

Create Docker Image

Create the tabris-js-build-android Docker image:

docker build . --tag tabris-js-build-android:latest

Build in Docker Container

Build the Hello World app in a Docker container created from the tabris-js-build-android Docker image:

cd tabris-js-hello-world
docker run --rm -v $(pwd):/workspace -e BUILD_NUMBER=4 -e TABRIS_BUILD_KEY=<my-build-key> tabris-js-build-android tabris build android

The TABRIS_BUILD_KEY holds your build key available from

Interactive Build in Docker Container

Run an interactive tabris-js-build-android container with mounted workspace:

cd tabris-js-hello-world
docker run -it --rm -v $(pwd):/workspace tabris-js-build-android /bin/bash

Within the container prepare and build tabris-js-hello-world app with:

$ npm install
$ BUILD_NUMBER=4 tabris build android

Total time: 52.348 secs
Built the following apk(s):

Build with custom code signing key

If you want to sign your app with the same key in each build (e.g. when using Google Maps) you can use --cordova-build-config. (This parameter has been itroduced to Tabris CLI with version 0.6.0)

tabris build android --debug --cordova-build-config=cordovaBuildConfig.json

The following cordovaBuildConfig.json contains the signing details for a debug build:

  "android": {
    "debug": {
      "keystore": "../signing/debug.keystore",
      "storePassword": "android",
      "alias": "androiddebugkey",
      "password" : "android"