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Tabris for RAP App Launcher

This app can be used to connect to any Tabris/RAP server for testing/development. It can also serve as a template for your own customized Tabris/RAP app launcher or Tabris/Tabris.js hybrid app.

Tabris for RAP (aka. "Tabris" or "Tabris/RAP") is a RAP framework extension targeting Android, iOS and Windows 10. It is distinct from Tabris.js, which provides only JavaScript API. Tabris for RAP provides Java API, but the launcher is based on Tabris.js and therefore needs to be written in JavaScript or TypeScript.

How to build the launcher:

  1. Get access to Contact EclipseSource for details.
  2. Log in on using your GitHub credentials.
  3. Add this repository or a fork of it to "My Apps" as described here.
  4. Create an NPM token for, e.g. via the npm CLI:

npm adduser --registry

The token is stored in the user home directory file .npmrc and looks something like this:

  1. On go the the settings of the app and add an environment Variable NPM_TOKEN with the token as the value.
  2. Still in the settings, select the correct Tabris.js Version that fits the tabris-js-remote dependency specified in the package.json of this repository:
tabris-js-remote Tabris/RAP RAP Tabris.js
3.2.0-beta1 3.2.0 nightly 3.2.0 2.0-RC2
>=3.2.0-beta1-nightly.0 3.2.0 nightly 3.2.0 2.x-nightly
3.2.0-beta2 3.2.0 nightly 3.2.0 2.0.0
3.2.0-beta3 3.2.0 nightly 3.2.0 2.0.0 or 2.1.0-nightly
3.2.0-beta4 3.2.0 nightly 3.2.0 2.1.0 or 2.1.0-nightly
3.4.0-beta1 3.4.0 nightly 3.4.0 2.4.x
3.5.0 3.5.0 nightly 3.5.0 2.6.2
3.6.0-beta1 3.6.0 nightly 3.6.0 2.6.2
3.6.0 3.6.0 3.6.0 2.7.0
3.6.19 3.6.0 3.6.0 2.8.1
3.12.0 3.12.0 3.12.0 3.5.0
  1. Build the app for the platform of your choice.
  2. Download and install the app and connect to your Tabris/RAP server.