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Docker Setup for Doomsday Engine
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Docker Container for Doomsday Engine Multiplayer Server.

Dockerfile builds the following,

  • Ubuntu 18.04 and packages to run Doomsday 2.1
  • Downloads and installs Doomsday 2.1
  • Downloads Doom1 Shareware WAD
  • Add basic deathmatch autoexec.cfg


Build the container

docker build -t doomsday .


Run this container with the following options to run a Doom1 Shareware deathmatch inclued in this repository

docker run -it --rm -p 13209:13209 doomsday -game doom1-share -p /app/autoexec.cfg -iwad /app -port 13209 -stdout

Run this container by using a volume mount of the local directory containing a autoexec.cfg and WADS

docker run -it --rm -p 13209:13209 -v `pwd`:/app doomsday -game doom1-share -p /app/autoexec.cfg -iwad /app -port 13209 -stdout

Update the command line options to meet the game type, port etc. See the Doomsday Multiplayer Server for additional options and configuration.

Known Issues

  • Running the container without any arguments will not work, even if they're in the Dockerfile CMD statement. Workaround is to pass them in docker run
  • Ctrl-C to stop the container will not work, and the running container must be killed with docker rm -f
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