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Eustathios Spider - V2

Update to Eustathios with a little bit of HercuLien design changes.

Eustathios Spider - V2 Render Image

Hello and welcome to my github for Eustathios Spider V2 3D printer. This printer is my attempt to make additional modifications and improvements to the original Eustathios Spider design I published earlier. This has been no small task since the Eustathios printer (designed by Jason Smith) was such an exceptional design to begin with. Now that Google+ has died, the Community around the HercuLien printer and the Eustathios printer have moved to: . This is thanks in great part to Michael K Johnson, who worked his magic to retain the years of great community interaction on G+ and ported it into the Discourse community over on Makerforums. If you are looking for support or community interaction on these printers moving forward, this is the place to go.

This family of printers is all based on the X/Y gantry mechanics of the Ultimaker. Ultimaker style mechanics utilizes a light hot-end/carriage which gets constrained by one X and one Y cross rod. Connected to these cross rods are rod ends which ride on side shafts that act both for power transmission of one axis (rotation) and as the linear guide for travel of the other axis (translation).

Originally a gentlemen who goes by the name Sublime ( created a small format variant of the Ultimaker mechanics which he called the Tantillus. Then GoopyPlastic (aka Brad Hill) created an extrusion version of the Tantillus called the tslot Tantillus ( Following in Brad’s footsteps Tim Rastall ( created the very popular Ingentis printer ( which is a larger version of Tantilus using thicker linear guide components, spectra drive system, and a much larger build envelope. The next printer in this design family was by Jason Smith ( call the Eustathios ( This is the printer that got me excited about this family of printers. Jason made several design choices like GT2 belts which I felt were great upgrades to the platform. I lucked out because his release was timed perfectly with a promotion Misumi was running where your first order from them up to $150 in value was free. I wanted to be able to modify Jason’s files slightly, but he had modeled everything in Sketchup. My limited experience was with Solidworks (self taught) so rather than learn new software I redrew Jason’s Eustathios design files from scratch. And so my Eustathios Spider V1 variant , named due to the color scheme, was born ( I built the Eustathios and fell in love with the smooth operation, clean prints, and overall reliability. So after operating the Eustathios for several months I converted my existing large CoreXY Printer ( ) into a X/Y gantry printer with larger cross rods and dual extrusion. The name of this printer is HercuLien (

Sorry for the long history lesson, but as you can see there is a lot of progress and talented people involved in these projects. Also I wanted to make sure credit is properly attributed to the many great makers who have come before me. The caliber of people involved and all the creativity in the platform is what keeps me so motivated.

Eustathios Spider V2 Overview:

Build Volume: 285x285x295mm

Controler: Azteeg X5 Mini with Viki2 LCD display

Single Extruder, 200W 24V power supply for controls, 120V 500W heated bed through SSR control.



Printable STL Parts =

Solidworks Files =

Other 3D model formats in 7zip due to github 50mb limit) =

3D renders:

Image of printed parts: Eustathios Spider - V2 Printed Parts Image


Update to Eustathios with a little bit of HercuLien Design Changes






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