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##About Tabminder Tabminder is a simple Chrome extension designed to make me more mindful of browsing distracting sites. I use StayFocusd to manage the total time I waste online, but I wanted a tool to remind to spend my daily quotas wisely and help prevent distracted browsing from going too far in the first place. Tabminder prevents quick visits to Reddit, Twitter, and Hacker News from turning into work-sucking time vortexes by providing a gentle reminder every few minutes. Open a distracting tab, and Tabminder starts counting down from your preset time limit. When time's up, it will prompt you to close the tab or restart the timer. This is just annoying enough to intercept distracted browsing, but not so strict that it prevents you from taking a break once in a while. (You deserve it, right?)

##How to use Tabminder Tabminder is my first Chrome extension, so there will be bugs. If you're lucky enough to find one, please report it and I'll try to fix it.

To download the current version of Tabminder, visit the project repository on GitHub. For more information on how to configure the extension, please see its project page.

##License This code is released under an MIT license. For all the details, see the included file ''. The Tabminder extension uses styles from Twitter Bootstrap and icons from Glyphicons.