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Enabled newrelic, compiled cljs under advanced mode, added analytics.

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ecmendenhall committed Feb 16, 2013
1 parent 6496ee7 commit ae7ba3b1a392c92d018e614fbfdf08ee823d844a
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+ * Support Key Transactions feature
+ * Supports basic proxy authentication for the case where there is a proxy server between the agent and the Internet.
+ The configuration uses proxy_user and proxy_password settings.
+ * To avoid reporting the same transaction trace repeatedly, the agent reports a number of the slowest transactions.
+ * bug fix: Transaction trace reported to wrong app if enable_auto_app_naming and browser requested a transaction trace
+ * Add skipTransactionTrace element to @Trace annotation to tell Agent to drop method from transaction trace
+ * Add -Dnewrelic.bootstrap_classpath=true system property to append newrelic.jar to bootstrap classpath
+ * Support RUM reporting to multiple applications (RUM3)
+ * bug fix: Asynchronous processing time not reported correctly in Play 1.2.4
+ * bug fix: CXF transaction names not set to URI path if protocol is https
+ * Java 7: Native support for instrumenting classes compiled to Java 7 bytecode
+ * Audit Mode: mode which logs all data sent to New Relic in the newrelic_agent.log
+ * bug fix: Prevent agent instrumentation from changing the Serial Version UID (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: Prevent memory leak when client applications start and subsequently stop a thread before completing a transaction (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: Prevent stack overflow exception when executing queries using the Postgres 9.0.x JDBC driver
+ * bug fix: Fix dispatch handler instrumentation for Jetty 7.5.* (introduced in 2.5.0)
+ * bug fix: Set the application port correctly under Jetty 4.*
+ * bug fix: Make the transaction_tracer configuration settings respect command line and environment overrides
+ * Browser traces
+ * bug fix: OC4J does not start (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: AbstractMethodError calling getRemoteUser in Tomcat and GlassFish
+ * bug fix: Deployment does not use SSL port if SSL is configured (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: NullPointerException getting request URI in Jetty 4.x and 5.x
+ * bug fix: JSP compiler error with auto RUM in Tomcat 5
+ * bug fix: Transaction parameters removed if error is reported but response status < 400
+ * bug fix: No request parameters in Resin 3.x
+ * bug fix: AbstractMethodError calling getContextPath() with Tomcat 5.x (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: Ignore transaction before transaction started stops transaction reporting
+ * bug fix: ClassLoader.loadClass deadlock (introduced in 2.4.0)
+ * bug fix: AssertionError in WebLogic (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: ClassNotFoundException with JBoss AS 7 (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: NoClassDefFoundError with GlassFish 3.1.2 (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: ClassCastException with GlassFish 3.1.1 (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: Agent stops reporting web transactions (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: possible unknown host for external call with HttpClient 3.0.1 (introduced in 2.3.0)
+ * bug fix: stall error reporting broken
+ * bug fix: agent_enabled setting not working
+ * add stall_threshold setting for reporting stall errors
+ * bug fix: Agent logging breaks web app log4j configuration (introduced in 2.3.0)
+ * Play! framework support
+ * create web transactions using custom instrumentation
+ * use log4j instead of Java API logging
+ * bug fix: RUM auto instrumentation fixes
+ * bug fix: multiple app names in app_name setting out of order (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: possible java.lang.IllegalArgumentException with parameterized SQL (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: WebSphere instrumentation broken (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: ClassFormatError and NoClassDefFoundError instrumenting proxy classes
+ * bug fix: transaction trace threshold not working (introduced in 2.2.0)
+ * bug fix: infinite loop instrumenting parameterized SQL statements
+ * performance improvements
+ * support server-side configuration
+ * bug fix: byte-code instrumentation causes class loading deadlock and OS memory explosion
+ * performance improvements
+ * bug fix: parse inner select SQL statements
+ * bug fix: execute SQL statement not recognized
+ * report slow SQL statements
+ * performance improvements
+ * continue to record metrics after transaction trace limit is reached
+ * bug fix: never drop data
+ * bug fix: Agent destructively reads request parameters in Resin
+ * bug fix: default transaction trace threshold should be apdex_f
+ * bug fix: Don't obfuscate digits in SQL statements that are part of table name
+ * bug fix: RUM: handle duplicate injection of our JS header and footer
+ * bug fix: fix the license key hint that is inserted into the auto-generated configuration file
+ * Allow logging to standard out
+ * Allow configuration of the agent via environment variables
+ * bug fix: RUM: Tag files not compiling in Jasper
+ * bug fix: RUM: header not always inserted after meta tags
+ * bug fix: NullPointerException if filter config is null
+ * bug fix: Fix IE measurement problem in RUM footer
+ * bug fix: API calls should not throw exceptions
+ * bug fix: Auto RUM compiler error instrumenting some JSPs
+ * bug fix: Auto RUM should inject header after meta tags
+ * bug fix: Installer does not modify start script if another javaagent switch is present
+ * bug fix: Agent breaks request URI parsing in Tomcat: JSESSIONID not removed (introduced in 1.4.0)
+ * bug fix: Some compilers unable to compile JSP with auto RUM
+ * Installer support for GlassFish
+ * bug fix: JBoss fails to start with JMX errors (introduced in 1.4.0)
+ * auto Real User Monitoring
+ * support for X-Request-Start, X-Queue-Start, and X-Queue-Time request headers
+ * bug fix: newrelic-api.jar does not work with Java 1.5
+ * bug fix: NullPointerException instrumenting HttpClient
+ * bug fix: setting request attribute "com.newrelic.agent.TRANSACTION_NAME" not working (broken in 1.4.0)
+ * bug fix: uncaught exceptions not logged during startup
+ * bug fix: thread profiling fails if CPU time not supported
+ * bug fix: error is ignored only if it is the root cause
+ * Real User Monitoring
+ * bug fix: setting 'ignore_status_codes' to a single value is ignored
+ * component-based transaction naming
+ * agent API
+ * multiple applications enhancements
+ * send data to RPM in UTF-8 format
+ * bug fix: ClassCastException setting record_sql: off
+ * bug fix: don't depend on system property for trace logging
+ * bug fix: transaction not always cleared
+ * bug fix: change to log_level setting not dynamic (introduced in 1.2.9)
+ * obfuscate selected fields in SQL statements
+ * measure method invocation time in nanoseconds
+ * bug fix: report data to multiple app names broken in 1.2.008
+ * bug fix: NullPointerException instrumenting JRun 4.
+ * bug fix: Prevent Agent from starting more than once
+ * bug fix: Sample memory at least once per harvest
+ * bug fix: memory leak in Tomcat with Java logging and System.err
+ * multiple applications
+ * get apdex_t from RPM
+ * remove built-in URL normalization rules
+ * record nested exceptions in error report
+ * support for HttpClient version 4
+ * bug fix: Solr JSON deserialization error in RPM
+ * bug fix: purge dead thread ids and catch uncaught exceptions in runnables
+ * added support for Oracle JDBC drivers
+ * added support for parameterized SQL
+ * added log_sql config property in transaction_tracer section to write SQL to log instead of sending to the RPM service
+ * enable_custom_tracing is true by default
+ * bug fix: root cause of exception not reported for custom exception handler
+ * bug fix: NullPointerException caused by java.lang.Throwable.getStackTrace() returning null
+ * bug fix: app server port not formatted correctly in log
+ * bug fix: java.lang.IncompatibleClassChangeError with Hibernate 3.5
+ * added install command to back up/edit start script on Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss
+ * added support for prepared statements with Microsoft SQL Server JDBC driver and jTDS SQL Server and Sybase JDBC driver
+ * removed a synchronized call to get a handle to the agent from tracers
+ * fixed a problem related to Solr request names - urls were including parameters
+ * fixed a few problems related to WebSphere instrumentation
+ * added Solr support
+ * use a new method to connect to the RPM service
+ * allow Spring transactions to be named using the controller/method name
+ * do not ding apdex score for ignored errors (404s, for example)
+ * fix explain plans
+ * report errors that have been routed to jsp error pages
+ * web transactions break out Hibernate calls by entity operation
+ * added instrumentation for Solr autocommit background tasks
+ * added a tracer to Jersey resources so they show up in transaction breakdowns
+ * bug fix for MySql explain plans
+ * bug fix to prevent non-numeric numbers from funking up StatsImpl
+ * enhanced PostgreSQL JDBC support
+ * added JSF instrumentation. Lifecycle execute(..) and render(..) are broken out. So is com.sun.faces.lifecycle.Phase.doPhase(..)
+ * upgraded to ASM 3.2
+ * show sql for callableStatements created with Connection.prepareCall
+ * bug fixes for Resin servlet container
+ * bug fixes related to http commons instrumentation
+ * fix custom instrumentation to support @Trace annotations on methods with array arguments
+ * instrument Connection.prepareCall() methods so that sql is captured for these invocations
+ * fix a bug that breaks tracer exclusive times when transaction tracing is turned off
+ * switched from org.JSON to JSON.simple for JSON serialization
+ * use a less verbose JSON format (more arrays, less hashes)
+ * make the log_level setting hot so the log level can be changed without restarting the agent
+ * improved Resin support. Exception stacks are reported with traced errors
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+Copyright (c) 2008-2012 New Relic, Inc. All rights reserved.
+Certain inventions disclosed in this file may be claimed within
+patents owned or patent applications filed by New Relic, Inc. or third
+Subject to the terms of this notice, New Relic grants you a
+nonexclusive, nontransferable license, without the right to
+sublicense, to (a) install and execute one copy of these files on any
+number of workstations owned or controlled by you and (b) distribute
+verbatim copies of these files to third parties. As a condition to the
+foregoing grant, you must provide this notice along with each copy you
+distribute and you must not remove, alter, or obscure this notice. All
+other use, reproduction, modification, distribution, or other
+exploitation of these files is strictly prohibited, except as may be set
+forth in a separate written license agreement between you and New
+Relic. The terms of any such license agreement will control over this
+notice. The license stated above will be automatically terminated and
+revoked if you exceed its scope or violate any of the terms of this
+This License does not grant permission to use the trade names,
+trademarks, service marks, or product names of New Relic, except as
+required for reasonable and customary use in describing the origin of
+this file and reproducing the content of this notice. You may not
+mark or brand this file with any trade name, trademarks, service
+marks, or product names other than the original brand (if any)
+provided by New Relic.
+Unless otherwise expressly agreed by New Relic in a separate written
+license agreement, these files are provided AS IS, WITHOUT WARRANTY OF
+ANY KIND, including without any implied warranties of MERCHANTABILITY,
+condition to your use of these files, you are solely responsible for
+such use. New Relic will have no liability to you for direct,
+indirect, consequential, incidental, special, or punitive damages or
+for lost profits or data.
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+New Relic Java Agent
+New Relic is an application performance monitoring service that lets you see
+and understand application performance metrics in real time so you can fix problems fast. The
+Java agent collects system and application metrics by injecting byte-code into a select
+set of methods. The metrics are reported to the New Relic service once a minute. The agent also
+reports uncaught exceptions and slow transactions.
+Getting Started
+Two files are required to start the New Relic java agent - newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml.
+newrelic.jar contains the agent class files, and the newrelic.yml file contains configuration
+information for the New Relic agent, including your license key, application name,
+ssl settings, etc.
+You can download both the jar and the tailored yml file by logging into,
+selecting the "Account" page, and then downloading the files from the right side of the page.
+If you don't already have a New Relic account creating one is easy:
+The agent requires Java 1.5+.
+Complete installation instructions and troubleshooting tips are available
+Configuration options are available at:
+The NewRelic Java agent bootstraps using the -javaagent command line option.
+Create a directory in your application server home directory named newrelic and copy the
+newrelic.jar and newrelic.yml files into it.
+On server startup the agent will search for the newrelic.yml file in the directory containing
+the newrelic.jar file. The agent log will be written relative to the newrelic.jar file in
+a directory named 'logs'.
+ newrelic/
+ newrelic.jar
+ newrelic.yml
+ logs/
+ ...
+The Tomcat startup script ( can be configured to use the New Relic agent using the JAVA_OPTS environment variable:
+export JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/full/path/to/newrelic.jar"
+The Jetty startup script ( can be configured using the JAVA_OPTIONS environment variable:
+export JAVA_OPTIONS="${JAVA_OPTIONS} -javaagent:/full/path/to/newrelic.jar"
+Add this line to the bottom of bin/run.conf:
+JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -javaagent:/full/path/to/newrelic.jar"
+Other Application Servers
+The New Relic Java agent has been tested on Tomcat, Jetty and JBoss, but it should work on any application server.
+That's all you need to do. Start your application server with the -javaagent parameters and log in to New Relic
+to see your app's performance information. It takes about 2 minutes for the application data to show up
+in New Relic ( By default, your data will appear under an application named
+"My Application". You can change this by updating the app_name setting in newrelic.yml.
+Email, or visit our support site at
+The New Relic Java agent uses code from the following open source projects under the following licenses:
+ Apache Commons CLI
+ JSON.simple
+ SnakeYAML
+The remainder of the code is under the New Relic Agent License contained in the LICENSE file.
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