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In-Flight Analysis for PX4
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In-Flight/PX4Log/ULog Analyzer for PX4

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This JavaFx based tool enables PX4 Users to record and analyse data published via UDP during flight or offline based on PX4Logs or ULogs. It is not intended to replace the QGC. It is not tested with ardupilot.

Any feedback, comments and contributions are very welcome.

Development Status: Last updated 10/03/2019


  • Realtime data acquisition (50ms sampling, 100ms rolling display) based on MAVLink messages or ULOG data over MAVLink
  • Timechart annotated by messages (MAVLink and ULog) and parameter changes (MAVLink only)
  • XY Analysis for selected key-figures
  • 3D View (vehicle and observer perspective)
  • MAVLink inspector (reporting raw MAVlink messages)
  • Zooming (Click&Drag), pause / continue rolling update while continue recording in the background
  • MAVLinkShell provides NutShell over MAVLink (Console)
  • Map viewer of global position and raw gps data with option to record path (cached)
  • Offline-mode: Import of key-figures from PX4Log/ULog (file or last log from device via WiFi)
  • Save and load of collected data
  • Import of Custom KeyFigureMetaDataFiles allows to define use-case specific collections of key-figures.
  • Key figure conversion based on expressions
  • FrSky Taranis USB supported in SITL
  • Low latency MJPEG based video stream display based on uv4l or any other source
  • Video stream recorded as H264/MP4 file while collecting data
  • Virtual (calculated) key figures added (Example here: default definition file)
  • RTCM3 base supported with automatic survey-in for UBlox M8P devices (OS X only)

Note that some features (MSP) are only available if you run a companion on your vehicle using MAVComm/MAVSlam .

See MAVGCL XY view in some action:


  • requires minimum Java 8 JRE (Java 9/10 compatible)
  • A companion running a serial-to-udp-proxy (either MAVComm or MAVROS, not required for PIXRacer)
  • Video streaming from the vehicle requires an mjpeg streaming service (e.g. uv4l) running on companion


Available binaries can be found here.


alt tag

alt tag

alt tag

How to build on OSX (other platforms may need adjustments in build.xml):

  • Clone repository
  • Goto main directory cd MAVGCL-master/MAVGCL
  • Run ant all

How to start after build (all platforms):

  • Goto directory /dist

  • Start with java -jar MAVGAnalysis.jar

  • Set IP address and port in File->Preferences and restart (For local SITL use or start with java -jar MAVGAnalysis.jar --SITL=true)

  • Open demo_data.mgc, import PX4Log file or collect data directly from your vehicle

  • For video (mjpeg), setup uv4l at port 8080 on your companion with : ​ uv4l --auto-video_nr --sched-rr --mem-lock --driver uvc --server-option '--port=8080'

    Set video URL in File->Preferences: e.g.


    run MAVSlam vision based on Intel® RealSense™ R200 on your companion and point video to port 8080 of your companion.

How to deploy on OSX:

  • Run ant_deploy

How to define custom key-figure metadata files:

How to map custom MAVLink messages to key figures

Currently a direct mapping of MAVLink messages to keyfigures is not possible. Instead you have to generate the java class of the message and map it to the key figure:

  1. Clone and add the MAVLink definition in

    This creates the java class of the custom message and adds it to mavcomm.jar

  2. Build mavcomm.jar with ant build_mavcomm and replace the one used by MAVGCL

  3. Map a keyfigure definition to the created java class in the default definition file like this

 <KeyFigure desc="MAVLINK Test" uom="" mask="#0.0" key="MAVLINK">
		<MAVLinkSource class="msg_altitude" field="altitude_amsl"/>
		<Validity min="0.1" max="1000.0"/>
			<Group>Custom mavlink messages</Group>


  • Limited to one device (MAVLink-ID '1')
  • Currently does not support USB or any serial connection (should be easy to add, so feel free to implement it). Note: Serial via radio might be too slow.
  • Default PX4Log/ULog keyfigure mapping still not complete, but you can add your own definition file

Note for developers:

MAVGAnalysis depends heavily on for MAVLink parsing.

Please note the License terms.

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