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Awesome Librehosters Awesome

A curated list of awesome libre hosters. They are libre because they just use libre software.

Groups and collectives which provide solidarity IT services

Name address office location
about:source https://www.aboutsource.net/
Aquilenet http://www.aquilenet.fr/
Alsace Réseau Neutre (ARN) http://arn-fai.net/
Autistici/Inventati http://www.autistici.org/en/index.html Italy
bawet http://www.bawet.org/index/pmwiki.php
Cassiopea http://www.cassiopea.org/ Brussels
d9tready https://d9tready.com/
Devosi https://www.devosi.org/
disroot https://disroot.org/
domainepublic.net http://www.domainepublic.net/ Brussels
Ecobytes https://ecobytes.net/ Witzenhausen, Berlin
French Data Network (FDN) http://www.fdn.fr/
Framasoft http://www.framasoft.net/ France
Fripost https://fripost.org/english/
FranceServe http://www.franceserv.fr/
Gaia http://gaia.de/
GlobeNet http://globenet.org/
Greenhost https://greenhost.net/
Grifon https://grifon.fr/
Gozmail https://gozmail.bzh/
IN-BERLIN https://www.in-berlin.de Berlin
IndieHosters https://indiehosters.net/
IT-Kollektiv https://it-kollektiv.com/
Kione https://kione.de/
l’Autre Net http://www.lautre.net/
LibreNet https://librenet.co.za/network/
Lorraine Data Network (LDN) http://ldn-fai.net/
May First/People link https://mayfirst.org/
Octopuce https://www.octopuce.fr/
Ouvaton http://ouvaton.coop/
RiSEUP https://riseup.net/
Rhien http://www.rhien.org/
Runbox https://runbox.com/
Sud-Ouest.org https://www.sud-ouest.org/
TeDomum https://www.tedomum.net/
tetaneutral.net http://tetaneutral.net/
thing.net http://thing.net/
Toile Libre http://www.toile-libre.org/
TuxFamily http://tuxfamily.org/
systemli.org https://www.systemli.org/ Berlin
WebHostingCoop http://www.webhosting.coop/
weho.st https://weho.st/ Amsterdam

Networks of collectives

Lists of softwares

Non-solidarity, nonetheless FLOSS supporters



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