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GIS colour / legend files

A collection of color and legend files in QGIS, GRASS and sld format. Below a brief description of the legend files available.

Download the collection using the download link, or use git. With the latter, you can easily update to the latest versions of all styles.

Feel free to send pull requests if you want to add to this collection. For sharing QGIS styles, make sure to check out the QGIS resource sharing plugin.

Color files for GRASS rasters legend files

  • travel-time_grass.txt: Travel time to major cities based on the Global Accessibility map

  • WWF-biomes_grass: Raster layers based on the WWF-biomes vector layer. The categories of the raster layer should correspond to the category numbers of the BIOME column in the original vector layer.

  • LPS-colors_grass.txt: Colors for the Livestock production system layer v.5 2011 (data source)

  • GLOBCOVER_v23glob.txt Color file for the ESA GlobCover Version 2.3 2009 300m resolution Land Cover Map (data information)

QGIS layer style files

  • QGIS_LPS_legend.qml: Style for Global Livestock Production Systems v.5 2011 v.5 2011 (data source)

  • legend_poverty200.qml: Style for the Sub-national Poverty Map for Sub-Saharan Africa at 2005 International Poverty Lines Data source

Generic (sld format)

  • WWF-biomes.sld: Style for the WWF map of the biomes of the world (data source

  • WWF-ecoregions.sld: Style for WWF ecoregions of the world map (data source

External sources

  • QGIS styles by Anita Graser (external): Various QGIS styles by Underdark (Anita Graser). Background information about how these styles were created are provided on this blog post. link

  • Top10NL: Top10NL color schemes: Color schemes for QGIS. See background info for a detailed explanation how these were made. link

  • SLD styles from Sourcepole: Styles for OpenLayer on Sourcepole: These style files can be used in QGIS. This site also offers OpenLayer files for amongst other Austria, Germany and Switzerland in Spatialite format. link

  • SLD cookbook: The development version of QGIS now supports loading and saving of Styled Layer Descriptor (SLD) styles in the layer properties dialog. The SLD cookbook offers a collection of SLD “recipes” for creating various types of map styles. link

  • OS opendata styles: Styling OS OpenData in Quantum GIS (QGIS) , Survey vector datasets such as OS Strategy. link