Configuration files and path scheme

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This page explains configuration files and path scheme we use for BigSemantics service deployment.

On the Server


The following symlinks are used in the configuration files below for simpler deployment.

  • /bigsemantics-service: points to the whole deployment folder.
  • /bigsemantics-service/jetty-dist: points to the Jetty distribution folder.
  • /bigsemantics-service/cache: points to the local cache for downloaded HTML files, extracted semantics, and file metas.
  • /bigsemantics-service/downloader-instance: points to the folder for the downloader instance.


This file contains settings for log4j loggers, appenders and layouts. We are using a hierarchy of loggers which is:

  • root logger which logs to console, and always exists with log4j
  • details logger logging to ${jetty.dist}/logs/details.log as well as console, and is the common parent for the remaining loggers
  • metadata logger logging to ${jetty.dist}/logs/metadata.log
  • mmd (meta-metadata) logger logging to ${jetty.dist}/logs/mmd.log
  • metadataPerf logger logging a serialized record of time taken by different service components, and request / response details

By default, ${jetty.dist} points to /bigsemantics-service/jetty-dist and can be reconfigured if needed.

File names, size and backup index can be changed for different loggers through respective properties.

  • USE_SIMPLE_DISK_DOCUMENT_PROVIDER: set as true/false to enable/disable caching of the downloaded documents and extracted semantics.
  • LOCAL_DOCUMENT_CACHE_DIR: path where downloaded documents, their metadata and extracted semantics will be cached, if the above variable is true. Its default value is /bigsemantics-service/cache

Downloader Instance

LOCAL_DOCUMENT_CACHE_DIR: this should be same as cache location set for service.

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