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Its fairly easy to deploy the Semantics Service on a new Machine. The procedures for both the Semantics Service and Downloader Instance are described below. Same are further divided based on production or development requirements.

Table of Contents

Semantics Service

Production Environment

Deploy Packaged .war to a Web Server (e.g. Jetty).
i.e. BigSemanticsService.war can be deployed as a Webapp to a Web/Application Server like Tomcat, Jetty, Resin, Glassfish, JBOSS.

Jetty has proven to be a good choice for us so far! Here's the context file that can be used with the deployment.

Development Environment

Clone the Service Repository and run within an IDE
i.e. clone BigSemanticsService repository and import the projects into a workspace. Choose from:

A) Add a Server to the workspace and run BigSemanticsService project through the IDE itself.

For Eclipse:


B) Use ant build (target: buildwar) to generate the .war and run it as a webapp on a web/application server. (Change the, sftp.user, sftp.port values in the build.xml if using the target: deploy)

Also, context file mentioned in production environment section can be utilized.

Downloader Instance

Production Environment

Deploy packaged .jar.

Development Environment

Setup DownloaderInstance project through cloning the BigSemanticsRepository and importing the projects into a workspace.

Additional .jar are required with DownloaderInstance, namely, simplCore.jar, simplSunSpecifics.jar, BigSemanticsCore.jar, BigSemanticsSunSpecifics.jar.

Run Scripts

Use sudo filename for executing scripts to avoid any permission issues.

Other Notes

Within Eclipse IDE

  • On creating a server instance, jar(s) for jetty annotations need to be added to the instance's classpath.
  • In BigSemanticsService project properties -> Deployment assembly, references might not be automatically recognized, and might be required to add again.
  • Edit and log4j.configuration files for setting cache and log paths. These are present in the config directory of the BigSemanticsService project. Also, see Configuration-files-and-path-scheme.
  • BigSemanticsJava would also be required to be cloned to get the dependencies.
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