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Perf Testing

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We are using jmeter to stress test the service. The jmeter configuration file can be found here. One can use any url list saved into a .csv file as an input to the above configuration scheme.

Download Jmeter, and run it using script in installdir/bin. After that, just import the above configuration file to complete the test setup.

Perf Metrics

As discussed in Configuration-files-and-path-scheme, performance logs are saved in metadataPerf.log files.

These logs can be input to the ServicePerfLogAnalyzer and will output:

Throughput: no. of requests served per second.
Avg. Latency: avg. time taken for a request.
Success Rate: percentage of requests successfully served (return code 200 OK)

There are several other useful metrics like avg. latency without download waiting time, component-wise time taken, total time taken, total request served which can be of immense help in diagnosing the performance, accuracy, and reliability issues.

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