Test Run from Eclipse with dev branch

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To run the service from Eclipse for testing and debugging, following these steps:

  1. Required software: Eclipse for J2EE, Jetty 8.1, Maven for Eclipse (m2e) plugin. You need to download a distribution of Jetty 8.1 and decompress it somewhere on your computer. Optionally, configure these symlinks.

  2. Clone BigSemanticsService from github.

  3. Import at least the following projects into Eclipse: BigSemanticsService, DownloaderPool, DownloaderPoolMessages, lib. Note that lib is a dummy project containing dependent jars.

  4. Right click on project BigSemanticsService, select Run As -> Run on Server.

  5. If you haven't created a Jetty Server in Eclipse, create one. You'll need to install an Eclipse plugin for Jetty 8.1 using this update site: http://download.eclipse.org/jetty/updates/jetty-wtp. During the process, you'll need to point Eclipse to the Jetty distribution that you downloaded and decompressed on your computer.

  6. In the "Add and Remove" step, add both "BigSemanticsService" and "DownloaderPool" to the Configured side.

  7. Run the configuration. For the first time it will fail, due to a Jetty plugin issue. You need to open the Run Configuration file for the server, and add both jar files under $JETTY_DISTRIBUTION/lib/annotations as User Entries to the Run Configuration file.

  8. Run BigSemanticsService on the server again. This time it should run correctly.

  9. Run ecologylab.bigsemantics.downloaderpool.Downloader in DownloaderPool as a Java Application.

  10. In your browser, try something like http://localhost:8080/BigSemanticsService/metadata.xml?url=http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00A9NLDN6. The service should work correctly.

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