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Developing amazing ecommerce softwares with ❤️, ☕️ and a little bit of code (proud dad of @ecomplus)

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  1. ecomplus-store-template ecomplus-store-template Public

    Template specifications for E-Com Plus ecommerce themes

    JavaScript 2 2

  2. twbschema twbschema Public

    Docs with Boostrap 4 for your JSON schema types

    JavaScript 1

  3. json-to-elastic json-to-elastic Public

    PHP class to sync GitHub repository with Elasticsearch

    PHP 1

  4. wh-echo wh-echo Public

    Heroku app to deploy a echo server for webhooks tests

    PHP 1

  5. restform restform Public

    jQuery plugin for an interactive JSON REST API console

    JavaScript 1

  6. install-gogs install-gogs Public

    Bash script for Gogs setup on Debian server

    Shell 1


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