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est (EFE Styling Toolkit) NPM package Build Status

From Middle English este, from Old English ēst (“will, consent, favour, grace, liberality, munificence, bounty, kindness, love, good pleasure, harmony, liberal gifts, luxuries”)

Est is a mixin library based on Less which helps you write Less code more efficiently.

Est provides over 100 handy mixins which generate style rules only when you call them. Est doesn't provide any styles for specific HTML classe names because such “visual classe names” may contaminate HTML semantics. You can build your own style library based on est to accelerate your development.

Quick Start

est can be included in three ways:

  1. import in your Less code:

    Download the latest version: .zip or .tar.gz

    or just clone it:

    $ git clone
    // quick import
    @import 'est/src/all.less';
    // override global variables
    @support-ie-version: 10;
    @default-font-size: 14px;
    // ...your own awesome less code starts here...
  2. include using compile options:

    • install Less plugin:

      $ npm install -g less-plugin-est
    • use the plugin:

      $ lessc styles.less --est

      If you are using Less version >= 3.0.0, you have to enable JavaScript evaluation with an extra argument:

      $ lessc styles.less --est --js
  3. use it programatically in Node.js apps:

    var less = require('less');
    var Est = require('less-plugin-est');
    var src = '.box { .clearfix(); }';
    less.render(src, {
        plugins: [
            new Est()
        javascriptEnabled: true // essential for Less version >= 3.0.0
    }).then(function (result) {
        // handle compiling result

Plugin Features & Options

Est Less plugin can take two arguments for now:

  • autoImport

    Automatically import est code before everything. true by default. Only works from Less 2.4.0.

  • uniqueDirectives

    Eliminate duplicate named at-rules (Less calls them directives). This enables you to define @keyframes inside mixins and don't have to worry about duplicate output if you call those mixins for several times. true by default.

You can specify arguments like this to turn off unwanted features:

$ lessc style.less --est="autoImport=false&uniqueDirectives=false"


When used as a plugin, est requires Less to be 2.0.0 or above. When included using @import in a Less file, the minimal Less version is 2.3.0.

Less supports auto import by plugins only after version 2.4.0. So if you are using older versions, you have to import est using @import directive in your Less code.

When used as a plugin, est provides isruleset function (which est used) which is not supported by Less before 2.3.0.

Docs & Demos


Please feel free to submit issues or just make pull requests.

Unit Test

Test cases are under test/specs. One directory for each module and each module can have one or more spec files.

Run this under est project directory:

$ npm install
$ npm test